Loving Mom: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

Here I am in bed with my mom fingering her slit and clit she is burning up, my dick is hardest it has ever been feeling like it was going to burst open if I don't cum soon.
Mom said I want to suck your big dick Bob. I told her my dick belong to you to do whatever she want to do.

I pushed mom's head down to my dick and brought her pussy to my mouth.
I had done many 69's in my life with cousins, aunts and girlfriends but I have to say mom's cunt tasted the best of all or maybe it was just that I wanted mom for so long everything about mom was most exciting of all.

I licked mom's clit and slit she was leaking her love juices at a steady flow.
She was sucking my throbbing dick balls deep down her throat moaning in pleasure. I knew I was not going to last long since I was about to cum with just her touch on my dick.

I could feel mom was very experienced in sucking dicks. I think she could swallow any size dick and any size load of cum.
I needed to cum so bad by the few minutes she sucked my dick to the balls I busted a load in her mouth she choked some and gagged but she manage to swallow my cum as fast as I unloaded in mom's mouth.

Mom's pussy was really flowing her love juices by then and then she was shooting her cum in my mouth moaning and going wild.
My 34 year old mom was trying to suck more cum from my still hard 20 years old dick.

She came back up to head of bed we start French kissing me tasting my cum on her tongue and her tasting her sweet hot love juices on my tongue.
When we broke the kiss she said OMG Bob fuck your mom put that thick hard dick in my cunt I am burning for your dick.

I got between mom's legs she spread them wide and saying oh yes son fuck your mom I been wanting your dick in my cunt for so long now bury it to the hilt in my pussy.
I rubbed the head of my thick hard 8" dick up and down her very wet slit when I rubbed a cross her clit thought she was going to cum then.

I had no problem sliding in mom's pussy it was so wet. Mom was moaning and saying oh Bob your dick feels so good balls deep in my pussy I want you in me all night.
After about 10 minutes I was ready to cum again her pussy was so tight hot and wet I could not help but cum so soon again.

I told mom I was about to cum she said cum baby fill your mom's pussy with your cum make your mom pregnant I want your child your son that sent me over the top the thought of getting mom pregnant I flooded her pussy balls deep flooding her fertile womb with my cum.
The huge load of cum sent mom over the top to and she was squirting her love juices all over my hard dick and balls.

I ask mom when we stopped to rest what if she did get pregnant and have a son by me.
Mom said we will raise our child boy or girl show and give them love all our lives.

Then she told me Bob I do hope that I get pregnant for you if I can have a son for my dad then I am sure I can have a child for my son hoping it will be a son for my son.
I told mom that grandpa been telling me for years she was a nympho and she was men's love toy when she got pregnant for me. Mom said your grandpa was half right I was a love toy but he forgot to tell you that I was his love toy and that your grandpa is your father.

I said mom is that true she said yes at the time I got pregnant for you my dad was the only guy fucking me I didn't start fucking other guy's until after you were born.
I asked mom if she still fucked grandpa and she said they stopped fucking about a year ago.

Then she said that is why I want to get pregnant for you because your dad is to old to get me pregnant and I want your child growing in me.
I told mom I would do my best to get her pregnant while I am staying with her that I believe in earning my keep.

Every night for the next month we fucked 2-3 times a night and at least once every morning before getting ready for work mom would wake me with her lips around my hard dick then I would fill her pussy with cum.
After my month was up I went back to my Louisiana plant but I still visited mom on my days off.

My first visit about a month after going home mom had good news she was two months pregnant which meant she got pregnant first night we slept together in her bed.
We celebrated by fucking the whole weekend seem like mom was more of a nympho during her pregnant days she called it practicing for making our next child.

Seven months later mom gave birth to our son he was so wonderful mom said now we have to work on making our daughter.
Couple months later we started working on making a daughter.
Mom grandpa and I do love family love.

Practice we did for years. You know the old saying practice makes perfect my mom did not need to practice far as I was concerned my mom was already perfect in my eyes.


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