Loving Mom: Part 1

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I was living in Louisiana and mom moved to Texas after her divorce.

I was working at a plant in Louisiana that shared labor with sister plants during shutdowns or emergencies.
A plant in same town mom lived in had an emergency shutdown and requested help. I volunteered to go for a month shutdown.
I was going to stay at motel since company paid peridium that covered all expenses plus extra.

Visiting mom she suggested I stay with her for free and keep all the expense money plus my salary.
Mom had two bedroom house but she used one room for storage and no bed in it but I could buy a bed for it.

Then decided I sleep on the couch after first night on the couch I decided that not going to work I would get a bed.
Mom said instead of spending money on a bed that be in my way after a month you can sleep in my bed.

I said mom it would not be right to sleep in your bed with you people would talk.
Mom said then I sleep on the couch.
Then she said who going to know we sleeping together I won't tell anyone and sure you not going to tell either.

We decided we share her bed first night she said just to let you know I sleep in just panties but I can wear a bra if it bother you just panties.
I told mom I usually sleep nude but if it bother her I will wear boxers.

I knew that this was a bad idea when mom said whichever you feel most comfortable it don't bother me if you sleep nude.
To tell the truth I been wanting to fuck mom for years she was so HOT.

I told her since she wearing panties I would wear boxers.
I took a shower then went to bed wearing boxers. Mom took her shower and came in wearing just her panties them beautiful tits straight out no sag caused an instant hard I had to roll over toward the wall so mom would not see an 8" thick tent in the sheet.

Mom said damn baby you going to turn your back on your mom? I told mom I was use to sleeping on that side.
Mom's panties where bikini panties both butt cheeks where sticking out in plain view no covering at all most beautiful ass I ever laid eyes on.

Mom slid her butt cheeks against my butt cheeks I could feel it was just my thin boxer between me and mom's hot ass. My dick was throbbing at the thought of mom's ass and them hard nipple tits.
I could not help myself my hand went to her ass cheek and I squeezed her cheek a couple times.

Mom rolled over put her leg on my hip I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my butt through my boxers. Then mom done what I was wishing she would do she reached over and felt my dick and moaned as she felt the size
Mom said mommy want some of that baby.

I rolled over got rid of my boxers and pulled mom's panties off. She stroking my dick I am sucking on her tits pinching her hard nipples and finger fucking her wet pussy.
We are both about to cum with just for playing with each other.

I have to say I am thinking grandpa is right mom is a nympho and now she wanting to be my sex toy or am I going to be her love toy?
We can find out in part 2 real soon.


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