Loving Guys And Friends

by Evan (NY)

Caleb leaned forward, balancing himself with one hand on the arm of the sofa, as he felt Zach’s boner beginning to slide in and out of his butt.

He was still surprised to find himself being fucked like this by another guy, even if Zach was his best friend. The two of them had gotten naked and were playing around when Zach had talked him into letting him do that.

Caleb had been unsure and hesitant, and now he was amazed to feel Zach’s maleness in him and by just how exciting that felt. He could feel his tight butt hole stretching around his friend’s erection, with its male length sliding back and forth through his sensitive opening, each time going deep into his anal sheath.

“Oh, man! It feels good fucking you!” Zach said, his voice a little breathless with his efforts.

“Oh, yeah …” Caleb panted back. Now he understood why perfectly straight boys liked to do this. It was so significant to be fucked by another guy, and it was something that could not be experienced with a girl.

He felt impaled by Zach boner and it was so wonderful and so excitingly all-male, and it was making his own erection so stiff that it ached.

“Oh … Ohhh …” Caleb moaned, enduring Zach’s relentless thrust into him.

Just the thought that it was Zach’s penis in him was thrilling beyond belief.

As their naked union passionately continued, Caleb suddenly found his boner climaxing uncontrollably.

Oh! Oh! Oh!” he gasped.

His semen shot out in a series of long, forceful streams which went clear over the sofa to land on the floor several feet away. His butt hole tightened and gripped down on Zach’s hard penis as he helplessly ejaculated.

Zach was surprised to see this happening and it excited him. In the next moment his boner was ejaculating deep inside of his friend, and he enjoyed the satisfaction of nakedly giving him his sperm.

“Uhhh!” Zach grunted with his wet release, making the reproductive act complete between the two of them. Sure, he could not get Caleb pregnant, but he was still impregnating him with his male liquid and doing so in a way that was so gratifyingly significant for both of them.

When they had started, it had just been for some horny fun, and neither had expected that Zach putting his penis in Caleb’s butt would be so emotionally as well as physically overwhelming as it had been. They were both surprised by this and neither quite knew how to react.

If anything, as Zach withdrew his now no longer erect penis, they both appeared slightly self-conscious over the fact that they had just made love to each other. Yet, that was pleasing and quite satisfying in itself, as was the bond that they now secretly shared over having done this.

They looked at one another, smiling just a little sheepishly.

Genetically what they had done was a dead end. But emotionally it was so ultimately rewarding.

They kissed on the mouth, warmly and lovingly, as they held each other.

Both savoring the opportunity to express and explore a new dimension to their feelings of friendship. Zack was already looking forward to Caleb fucking him so they could do this, and so was Caleb.

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