Loving Friends

by Conner (WA)

Quinn felt Barry’s thick hard penis moving easily and gently back and forth through his tight sensitive butt hole, and he savored the pleasure.

“Oh, yeah … Barry …” breathed.

“It feels so good doing this with you,” Barry said, liking how personal and male it felt being with his friend like this, of actually having his penis in him.

Quinn had gone over to the townhome where Barry lived that morning, and the two of them had happily gotten undressed to enjoy the pleasure of being naked together like that as male friends. Very quickly with their erections showing their male-feelings which was very pleasing to do with one another without embarrassment.

They had held one another, loving how good it felt to be naked in each others’ arms, and kissed, each enjoying the inviting sense of romance that existed between them as friends. It really was not a matter of being gay, or any question of that. Rather, it was just two guys exploring their feelings of male-friendship, and doing so with a mutual permissiveness of allowing it to be more personal. Something which was becoming more accepted for guys to do and to enjoy these days. Even, that it was becoming something trendy to do.

This of course might have been considered to be more bisexual, if one felt the need to applied unnecessary labels to it. Simply what it came down to was that there was no reason why two guys could not enjoy themselves.

With neither of them having much experience with anything bisexual, both had felt cautious in the beginning, and unsure. That had quickly changed, though. Now they felt quite confident it expressing their feelings and desires with one another, and to be able to do so with a naked abandonment.

Barry continued to steadily slide his reproductive organ in and out of his friend, the thin film of lubrication making his insertions effortless and easy. It was so incredible being able to use his penis like this to show Quinn how he felt, just as it was for Quinn to be able to use his natural abilities to show his own feelings and to have Barry permissively in his anal depths.

The idea that he was actually fucking Quinn as another guy and as a friend was just too good. Barry still felt surprised with himself for doing this. Just as he felt surprised with how much he liked sucking on Quinn’s erection, and how exciting it was to have another guy’s penis in his mouth. Not that Quinn did not feel the same. For both of them this was so thrilling and so wonderfully uninhibited.

Again and again Barry’s hard boner went into Quinn’s butt hole and into his soft receptive anal sheath s Quinn lay on the bed beneath him. He loved the soft smoothness of Quinn’s bare buttocks coming up against his stomach as his penis went all the way in up to his balls.

“Oh, Quinn … Quinn … I’m going to come in you,” Barry said breathlessly as he felt the urge within his hard penis reaching that point.

Then he was ejaculating.

“Uhhhhh …” Baryr groaned as the semen pulsed from his hard organ with repeated intense surges. It just felt so good, so satisfying to be letting his penis infuse his sperm into Quinn.

“Oh! Oh, yeah!” Quinn gasped, excited to once more feel Barry ejaculating in him.

That he was receiving another guy’s sperm, even without pregnancy taking pace, was never the less just as significant. It was still provided that same biological closeness for another male just as much as it did for a female. It was still the pleasure of engaging in the reproductive act together.

Barry tensed and savored the moment of letting his penis fuck Quinn completely

He sighed as his discharge was purposefully fulfilled and could only lay there recovering.

After several long moments, Barry pulled his penis out and sat up on his heels, grinning just a bit sheepishly over having shared that moment of male-intimacy with Quinn.

Quinn smiled back and rolled over to sit up. His erection was like a rigid spear curving up from between his legs. Quickly he took a hold of it and stroked his outstanding erection to an ejaculation, allowing his thick, white male-liquid to squirt onto Barry, wetting his chest and stomach and then over his expended penis, so the viscous substance spread over his dark pubic hair like a spider web.

Barry grinned and wrinkled his nose at the uncontained overabundance of Quinn’s ejaculation, and enjoyed seeing his friend’s hard penis doing that so freely. He then used his fingers to smear the spermy liquid over his chest and nipples, loving it.

Quinn had to laugh. “Oh, geez … this is so good doing this with you.”

“I love it,” said Barry.

Once more they had expressed their male-feelings of friendship with a meaningful significance that was so satisfying to do.

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