Loving Friends

by Mark (WA)

“Oh … that feels so good,” Brad said as he felt Darren’s stiff lubricated penis sliding smoothly and gently back and forth through his sensitive butt hole.

“It feels good being in you,” Darren said, once again savoring the pleasure of being in Brad’s anal deeps.

For the last two months they had enjoyed allowing heir friendship to include being lovers. At first both had been unsure about this, but once they had experienced the joy of sharing such physical intimacy, they discovered just how wonderful this was.

Of course they had experimented, but very quickly Darren had learned that he was the one who liked to be fucked, and he enthusiastically was more than willing to accommodated his friend’s masculine desires. It was amazing how nature made it possible for boys to enjoy the full range of sex, and that they could use their butt hole as a male vagina, and just how exciting that was.

Occasionally Brad was on the receiving end and Darren enjoyed taking his erection all the way in his friend, but it was really Darren who thrilled in being on the receiving end and the recipient of Bard’s male organ.

Again and again, as he laid there face down on the bed, the stimulation of Bard’s erect penis excited him in unbelievably ways which he could have never imagined, as did the thought that he actually was doing this with another guy. It was so special and so all-male. His penis was rigid beneath him and ached.

Darren continued to move his hips steadily up and down in an easy rhythm to keep his pleasingly hard organ moving in and out of his friend. He still felt surprised to find himself using his penis like this with Brad, to be fucking him as another boy, and by the excitement that made him feel.

It was so rewarding male, and he could see why boys who were like them, and not gay, found friend-sex so compelling as well as desirable. At one time, and like most boys, he had thought of having sex only with girls. Now, though, he realized that there could be options other than just that, and what a wonderful freedom this allowed.

Darren, as did Brad, now looked forward to expressing their feelings of friendship in a more meaningful and significant way. In fact that very morning they had both been more than ready to enjoy sex with one another. So their clothes had come off right after Darren had gotten there, and they had proceeded to be nakedly loving, knowing full well of course that it would culminate in their having intercourse.

“Ohhh …” Darren breathed as he felt the sexual energy building within his penis, plunging his length inward again and again, with Brad’s caressing anal sheath teasing the swollen head of his penis, which was enormously expanded.

He was going in deep, all the way to his balls. His erection was just the average six inches, but on the slender side and well curved, making his efforts extremely successful and ardent.

In the next moment Darren knew that he could no longer hold back and he started ejaculating.

“Uh! Uhhh! Uhhhhh!” he groaned, enraptured by the incredible satisfaction which came from his impregnating his friend with his sperm-filled semen and the genetic sharing of himself.

Brad drew in a breath and thrilled over feeling his friend climaxing deep inside of him. The thought that Darren's male-liquid was gushing freely into him suddenly made his rigid penis ejaculated, too. He had never known having such intense orgasms, as when he felt the thick liquid pulse out in repeated surges, thoroughly wetting the bed covers beneath him.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Brad panted with each intense contraction, feeling his butt hole involuntarily doing the same, squeezing tightly around his friend’s cock.

Both of them were overwhelmed by their climaxing together like this and the sharing of their maleness.

At last it was over and they were both left momentarily exhausted and breathing hard.

Darren kept his penis inserted in Brad’s butt, and left it start to go soft before extracting it.

Then Brad rolled over and they kissed and held one another. This moment of their naked male-companionship was just as good as the sexual intimacy they had just shared, and it was so wonderful to communicate their feelings of male-love as friends. It was no wonder so many guys indulged in this and found it to be so incredibly satisfying.

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