Loving Days

by Anonymous

Kenny was boning his mom.

He still could hardly believe that he and his mother were doing this – having sex. Yet there he was lying naked on top of her, sliding his stiff penis in and out of her wet vagina, and enjoying the pleasure and excitement of doing that, and she was thrilled and loving it as much as he was.

It was said that one quarter of all boys had sexual relations with their own mother at some point. Some studies put it as high as fifty per cent due to the fact that these days there was so much more openness about sexuality. Either way, it was a fact that mothers and sons did engage in having intercourse, enough that this was a routine thing and quite normal in terms of emotional and physical closeness.

Mostly that it was just something that was private and not talked about. Unfortunately with it also being illegal. Many countries, such as in Europe and Japan, had abolished such antiquated laws, stating that between consenting adults it was perfectly all right to be sexually engaging if they so desired. And apparently a good many did these days as family sex was very much on the rise.

Kenny was only too aware of just how enormously stiff his erection was. It always was with his mom, with that stimulating his maleness in an indescribable way. He liked to proudly let her see that and then to let her feel it deep in her female reproductive organ.

His mom moaned softly and had her eyes closed as she savored the enticement of having her son’s penis in her.

They had started having sex a month after the divorce. At first she had been unsure presenting herself as being sexually willing with her son, and over her finding that to be such an enticing and appealing idea. When he had been younger, she had entertained no such thoughts.

Indeed, she had seen mother and son interactions like that as something perhaps approaching being somehow immoral. Certainly her husband did, although this had not stopped him from having several affairs. He felt free to pick and chose his morality it seemed.

But now that her son was twenty-two, and single, and the fact that they had always been close had a very good mother-son relationship, just naturally seemed to make their idea of their being intimate quite attractive as well as appealing. Apparently, and much to her delight, he had found it to be the same way. Kenny had never felt particularly infatuated with his mother while growing up. Not in the way that some boys were, spending their time masturbating endlessly to sexual thoughts of their own mother and, in the end, never being able to fulfill such desires.

His mom was a little plump, but quite curvy, with large full breasts with broad nipples, and a nice wiry tangle of dark pubic hair between her legs. Kenny actually thought that she looked better naked than in clothes, and the first time that he had seen her in the all together, it really had taken some effort on his part to keep his boner from ejaculating then and there. Actually, he could not remember ever having been so turned on. She had enjoyed seeing his masculine response and found it reassuring. Kenny was amazed to discover how sexual his mom could be.

As he lay there gently fucking her, Kenny thought of his dad, and was a stupid man he was. Why had he ever cheated on his mother like he had? He could still be at home enjoying this, and his mother was certainly up for fucking. She was the type of woman who loved to be fucked, who found that thrilling and satisfying as well as relaxing, To her it was like a good past time.

“Ohhh … Kenny,” she murmured, holding her legs up and on either side of his moving hips. “It feels so good have you penis in me.”

“Geez, mom … it feel so good having it in you,’ he breathed, continuing his efforts.

“I love it when you fuck me.”

“I love fucking you, mom,” he said.

Lying there she had already had several small orgasms and was pleased by this. She always found it remarkable how she came, slowly and in a series of pleasurable releases as her clit throbbed, retreated and then throbbed again.

“I’m going to come in you, mom!” Kenny announced, as he felt his erection reach that glorious point of no return.

He gasped and then grunted with his throbbing spasms of release, his thick semen, teeming with his sperm, gushed repeatedly in his mother’s womanly depths. It felt so incredibly gratifying getting to sperm his mom like this.

His mom laid there enraptured to be receiving her son’s sperm. Birth control was not a problem since she had gotten a hysterectomy a few years back. Yet, the longing desire for him to impregnate her was still there and as strong as ever.

‘Oh … oh, yes!’ she said as she felt him ejaculate in her.

Then slowly the intensity of the moment for both of the eased and was replaced by a deep feeling of satisfaction.

“I love it when you fuck your sperm into me,” she declared.

“It feels so good coming in you, mom.”

They kissed and then looked into each other’s eyes. It was still almost astonishing that they had fucked, and had fucked again. It was the third time that week, and it just seemed to get better all the time.

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