Lovers Quarrel

by Erin (Texas)

Lovers Quarrel

My husband and son returned home after a lengthy trip to watch a professional football game, Jason my son, girlfriend wanted to go so I gave up my ticket. My husband didn’t think to buy four tickets but that was not unusual for him, he often thinks of himself before others. Me included and if I hadn’t been pregnant I would never have married him. He has often accused, Jason was not his son, I would answer him back. “No, he’s my son.”

Fortunately Jason looks like my family, we both have dark hair and blue eyes, with an olive tint to our complexions. Husband is a blue eyed blonde and without a DNA test, all husband can do is accuse. Husband has often accused me of loving my son, more than him, he could be right as I don’t much care for him. Not that way in the beginning but as husband’s selfishness surfaced more and more as the years passed, my heart left him more and more.

“What happen,” I questioned as Jason stormed through the kitchen and straight to his room.

“Lovers quarrel,” all the answer I got from my husband, Jason didn’t come from his room the entire night or eat when I carried him a tray. Tried talking with my husband but all I got from him, “Give him some pussy, you are the one who he is in love with anyways. I’ll be out of town, leaving in the morning and will be gone all weekend, a fishing trip with the guys.”

I didn’t believe that lie one little bit but his remark did get me to thinking, tossed and turned all night worrying of my son. Husband up early did pack his fishing gear but I still have my doubts, who he fucks I don’t really care. Me looking good on his arm to members of his firm is all he cares about. Jason didn’t come from his room, answer my calls or eat from any of the trays I brought keeping his head turned away not looking to me as I spoke to him.

Worrying of my son and what could have made my husband say what he did, I realized Jason’s girlfriend must have said, something. Like go and fuck your mother, she is the one you want to do it with anyways. May be I’m reading more into this than I should but I love my son, he is the only person in this world I truly love. Making up my mind I had to do something, I showered, dried and walked straight into Jason’s room. Crawled in bed, my naked tits against his bare back Jason sleeps of boxers only, as his mother I know.

“Mom,” first time I’d heard my son speak since Thursday and returning from the ball game.

“Yes,” cuddling up against Jason I reached my hand to his hard, ridged muscled stomach.

“Mom, why are you doing this,” at least he’s speaking, I rubbed Jason’s chest feeling the manly hair.

“I love you Jason, more than I love anything in this world, including myself. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Jason. I mean every word I just said. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you,” by Jason’s shoulders I slowly turned him toward me. Kissed Jason with my naked tits against his bare chest and realized Jason’s cock was hard. Pulled him into me by his hips, my son was well endowed, feeling his hard cock pressed against my naked skin.

“Mommy wants to fuck with you, Jason. Your cock feels so wonderful, I want your hard cock inside me,” stroking Jason’s shoulder I kissed him, not like a mother.

“Are you sure, Mom? That would be incest,” Jason’s concerned for me, only made me want my son more.

“We will be making love, I won’t get pregnant and you won’t have to worry. Mommy wants to fuck with her baby boy, show you how much, Mommy loves you,” my leg up over his hip I placed Jason’s ridged hard cock against my hairy pussy.

“Mommy wants it badly. Let’s do away with these,” Jason helped me remove his boxers, kicking off of his feet. We resumed our position accept for his cock I started in my pussy, Jason entering slowly as I began, whispering to him.

“Oh god Jason, your cock feels so fantastic! Mommy has never had a cock make her feel like this,” it was true, Jason is huge but it was more than that.

“I feel so close to you, Jason. It feels like your cock is where belongs,” orgasm after orgasm my pussy was gushing by the time Jason began fucking his mother, stroking like I wanted. Squeezing Jason to me, the satisfaction I’d wanted my entire life, flood after flood of pure pleasure coursed through my body.

“Mommy is cumming and cumming, I’ve never had multiples and I never have an orgasm with your Dad. Oh Jason, Mommy wants to fuck with you forever. How big is it, Jason?”

“Just under ten inches, Mom.”

“How big around,” questioned kissing and loving my son.

“Six inches in circumference,” Jason’s breath coming faster and I knew he was about to cum, encouraged fucking him back. Hugging Jason to me, his huge cock pumping inside me, I knew I would be his forever more.

“Oh Jason, Mommy wants to love, suck your cock and eat your cum, Baby,” only way I knew to express to Jason the pleasure I was receiving.

“Mom, can we do this again, after I eat something, I’ve never been so hungry in all my life.”

“Oh yes, Baby. After we shower and eat, your dad won’t be back until Monday afternoon. Mommy wants you to feed her your cum, watch my face with your cock pumping sweet cum down my throat, you’ll know how much Mommy loves you. Oh Sweet Baby, Mommy loves you.”

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