Lovely Moment at Aunties House: Part 1

by Stevie (Wisconsin)

I was sick leave for a month and I decided to call my favourite auntie Barabara that lived up by lake Michigan as we had not spoken for a few months, she said Stevie why don't you come and stay for a while as I was on my own. I packed and travelled to her place after a long journey she was waiting with open arms at the station and gave me a huge hug and kiss, she looked amazing for 70 years of age.

She is same height as me amazon of a woman. When we arrived at her house out in the country she settled me down with a drink and we chatted very openly as we always had a special bond and could talk about anything for hours then she had cooked a lovely meal and we carried on chatting, as it was getting late she said she was going to shower and get ready for bed and I showered after.

Opening my case, I realised I forgot to pack my pyjamas so I put my clothes back on when we sat down again with another glass of wine, she said why did you not get undressed for bed I said I had forgotten my pyjamas. She said that was a mistake as winter nights are very cold up here, aunty Barbara was dressed in a long sheer pengoir set with her hair tied up in a peach coloured chiffon scarf and looked very soft and lovely.

She said I have no pyjamas as I only wear long nighties why don't you put on one of them , I laughed and said I would look ridiculous she said with your long wavy hair It would not notice then on no one will know only me then led me by the hand into her bedroom brought out this fabulous white semi sheer nightie and said go on put it on, she helped me of with my jumper and shirt then said take your jeans off so I took them of then she said raise your arms then she slid the nightie down over my head and let it fall down over me.

I shuddered as the beautiful softness slid down over me and she said my you liked that didn't you, I said wow it is so soft now take your pants of so I did the feeling around my butt and cock was amazing then she gave me a long silky white sheer robe to put on then we went back to the lounge chatting and I was fidgeting a bit as the softness and strange feeling gave me a huge erection which I was trying to hide and she said my that has disturbed you a bit I think then she came and sat beside me don't fidget just relax took hold of my hands and pulled them apart, no I said she looked at me and smiled my cock sprang up making a huge tent in her nightie.

Wow she said you do like it don't you mmmmm she cooed it looks so big and such a huge head clearly visible through the sheer nylon and it is leaking so then she reached out rubbed her thumb on the head of my leaking cock smearing it all, over the head then it was clearly visible then she leant across and kissed me softly on the lips and said oooh Stevie I want to suck that beautiful head of your cock dropped down and took the head between her lips and sucked it through the nylon wanking it at the same time. mmmm your cock tastes wonderful taste it she said and so big then kissed me again.

Then she got on her knees and lifted the nightie and put her head up it completely covered by the nightie and sucked me again, so erotic she moaned as she gobbled and slurped my cock then I could not hold it anymore and shot spurt after spurt into her mouth until it was running down her chin, oooh so much cum then got up and said kiss me and share your lovely cum I opened my mouth as she opened hers and my cum flowed into my mouth as we sucked it back and forth a huge mouthful of it then when we had a huge load each she said swallow as she gurgled my cum then swallowed it.

MMM she said that was amazing wasn't it I said yes. I think that was a realization for you how nice women's attire is isn't it I nodded , would you like to try more I nodded as he asked me what I would like, then I admitted I have always loved being around her and her soft world as I used to try on her lovely huge silky soft panties nighties and things in the basket in the bathroom when she stayed at my mom's house and I always loved it when you tied your hair up in silky and chiffon scarves, and a few times I saw you in stockings and suspenders mmm so sexy I thought and wondered what it would feel like. Well tomorrow we will explore more if you would like but for now come with me.

She led me into her bedroom then took a large pair of white sheer silky panties said lift your legs and slid them up my legs over my cock sat me down on her dressing table stool and started to brush out my long hair then she took out a beautiful pretty silky scarf and asked if I would like to go to bed dressed in her lingerie and hair up in a silky scarf I beamed and said cooooed yes please. She lovingly put my hair up, in a turban and said you do look very feminine my darling would you like to sleep with me I nodded good because that lovely cock has risen tenting your panties and I really want it up me please.

Then she led me onto her big bed pushed me back then got on top of me raised her nightie and sank her big wet fanny right on my face and said make me cum before you fuck me please. Her fanny was so sweet and tasty and succulent and big it enveloped my face as she leant over and sucked my cock again as she writhed on my face then she shuddered and let out a loud moan got of turned around lifted her nightie and squatted on my cock and facing me slowly sank down on my cock. Such and feeling bas she took all of my cock in to the hilt bouncing away until she shuddered again and fell on me cooing kissing me. Then we just cuddled into slumber dreaming of what to come in the morning.

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