Loved his Mom

by Donna (Las Vegas)

My best friend's mother took me in when I was 18 to keep an eye on me.

She was our school administrator and I had left my home due to my father and I not getting along and always fighting. I had a broken nose and black eyes a couple of times.

Sheila was a beautiful and well-built woman. she had the kindest heart and always nice to me.

One weekend they were having a big "join all" party in their back yard with a live band out past the pool.

My buddy (Sheila's son) and his sister were on their way back from visiting their grand parents out of state.

The party was in full swing and the women were sexy in their bikinis. The men all seemed to be body builders or something.

I had been swimming a long time and was getting very sunburned when Sheila, told me to put some Aloe Vera on my skin. She said it was in the powder room next to Mr's darkroom. (He was a well known Photographer)

I went looking for the lotion and ended up in the dark room.

Looking on the shelf I found books with his photo work in them.

It was then I found it, The book full of pictures of Sheila posing in the nude.

She was stunning. one of the best shapely woman I had ever seen.

The pictures went from nice and coy to sexy and revealing. There were some of her with her legs spread and fingering herself.

I started rubbing my hard cock thinking of her letting me eat that pussy of hers. I had closed my eyes to envision her and how much she loved being eaten when I heard someone come in the room. It was Sheila standing there looking at me with my trunks down at my ankles, my hard cock in my hand and the book of pictures on the counter and open to her pictures.

I almost passed out from embarrassment but she latched the door and came towards me, smiled as she noticed the photo book and said "you look a little busy, do you like what you see?"

All I could stammer out was a yyyes.

She then said that if I like her pictures would I like to see the real thing?

Again I said yyyes.

She stepped back and untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. When I saw those tits for real right in front of me I almost lost my load right there.

She said I could touch them if I wanted to. That was all the encouragement I needed. I started rubbing them, pinching her nipples, sucking on the nipples. I was so into her boobs that I didn't notice she had removed her bottoms until she took my hand and placed it on her bush.

She said "you can play with this too if you want". I started fingering her soaking wet pussy as she started to moan. She pushed me down on my knees and said "go ahead and taste me".

I had only dreamed of eating this woman and now I am doing it. I started to push he back onto the floor. I wanted to fuck her NOW! She told me NO! just finish myself off and cum on her belly.

I did and she made me lick my own cum off her.

She got up, put on her bikini and said that she will see me at the pool area.

Once I composed myself I too went to the pool area sat under the patio cover and got the best little wink from her when our eyes met.

A few days went by and my buddy and I were about to get some panties and bras from the laundry hamper when his sister came in. She told me that her mom told about what had happened and that she told her mom about my buddy and I and how she ( the sister) was making us do things to each other.

I was broken hearted thinking that I will be made to leave now that Sheila knows about me and her son and how we enjoyed being forced to be sissies sucking and fucking each other.

When Sheila did get home it was as if she didn't know anything and just started dinner.

After dinner she told me she needed to talk to me and to go the her bed room.

I went in the room and she and her husband told me that if I was old enough to be a man and keep things (secrets) quiet, they would let me have my way with them both. I said I could.

He came over pulled out his dick and told me to get it hard. I started playing with it and it got rock hard instantly. I started to suck it and as he was telling how good of a cock sucker I am Sheila came over completely naked and started sucking my dick.

I felt him stiffen up and give a moan saying "drink it, drink it all" as he came in my mouth.

As I was swallowing his jizz, I tensed up and told her to "drink it all" and came in her mouth.

She swallowed it all and moved me on my back on the bed and put her pussy on my face and told me to eat her cunt. I licked and pushed my tongue in her hole, I sucked on her clit, I even shoved my tongue in her ass. She started to moan and I felt him put his knees on either side of my head. I opened my eyes as he shoved his dick in her. His balls were rubbing on my face and within a few short stokes he came inside her. I could see inside her hole as he pulled out and the cum dripped out. Again he told me to eat it all.

After we rested for a few minutes, they both told me that "what we heard about you is true".

"You are good at whatever sex you are told to do". As my mind is swimming in the fact that I have fucked or sucked this entire family at one time or another.

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