Love Has No Limits

by Vijay (Kolkata, India)

Hi readers this is Vijay. One day when my mother was preparing breakfast I went and hugged her from behind. Then we kissed passionately tasting each other's saliva. She placed her hands on my penis and pressed it and said make love to me.

We removed our clothes and became naked to consummate our love. I laid her on the floor of the kitchen naked and went on top of her. After sucking her breasts for some time I kissed her armpits and said “Mom I like the sweet smell from your armpits.” Then she said there are other parts which smell even better and parted her legs.

I went down kissing her pussy. After the kiss I inserted my thick 9 inches long circumcised cock inside her pussy and moved in rhythm and enjoyed the pleasure of the real feel of her vaginal skin on my penis head because I had entered her cunt without wearing a condom.

The feeling of her vaginal wall on my penile head was awesome which I cannot describe. My mom spread her legs apart to let me enter her cunt up to the hilt and our pubic hairs intermingled. My mom was moaning with pleasure and pain.

After entering fully inside my mom's cunt I started sucking her breasts for some time. After 5min fucking I cummed inside her pussy and filled her vagina with my semen. We then got up and had breakfast. My mother said I want to be the mother of your child. If we want to stay together we must start a family.

You will be my husband and I will be your wife. You will be my husband and head of the family. I will be your wife and woman of the house. For the family to stay together there must be children. We have to make our children. I will be the mother of your child. If we want to stay together you must make me pregnant. I want to make a family again and start a new life again as a wife to you and a mom for your child. We must marry to enjoy sex.

After breakfast we discussed about our marriage and the life after marriage. We sold our house because everyone knew us and bought a new house in Kolkata. My mom and I went to the temple and exchanged garlands in front of the God and the priest married us. We were now wife and husband and we entered into our new house.

I asked my mom turned wife when we would consummate our marriage because we were legally wedded. My mom said we will consummate our marriage tomorrow night because I had my periods 7-8 days back and now is the fertile period for me. Tomorrow night will be the most fertile night, and tomorrow we will get our marriage registered at the registrar’s office.

We kissed several times and played with my mother's breasts and sucked the nipples and then went to sleep in each other's arms. Next day I attended office and came home early to consummate our marriage. I was greeted by my wife turned mom by a kiss.

After dinner I went to my bedroom. The room was well decorated and the double bed was strewn with flowers where my mom and I were to consummate our marriage. After sometime my mom turned wife came carrying a glass of milk.

My wife sipped some milk and made her lips wet with milk and start sucking my lips. I placed my lips on hers and kissed my mom passionately. Mom’s milk never tasted as good as now. After kissing she handed the glass again and told me to drink the remaining milk. Then I asked her why, she compelled me to drink the milk.

My wife said it is a custom that the woman first walks into her husband's room with a glass of milk shall soon become a woman who can produce milk. I entered her cunt with my circumcised thick cock up till the hilt.

Our pubic hairs intermingled and her cunt muscles gripped my penis like a vice. I then started fucking my wife. After 15 minutes of fucking I ejaculated my seed(semen) deep inside her cunt.

I fucked my mom turned wife 5 times that night. After 15 days my mom turned wife was carrying my child in her womb.

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