Lost My Virginity To An "Older Woman"

by John

Every summer after I turned 13 I would go to work on my uncle’s ranch from when school let out until it started in the fall. Rarely were my aunt or uncle around I was pretty much on my own. I stayed in the farm house by myself but I would often spend a few days at my cousin’s house sleeping in their guest room. I was 15 and my cousin's wife was 23. She was a beautiful to me. I had started masturbating when I was 12. I would masturbate in the guest room and cum in the bedding not thinking anything of it.

One day after my cousin went to work as I was talking with his wife she said, "When I wash the bedding after you leave I notice you have been Cumming in my bed". Do you think of me while you beating off. I didn't know what to say. Then she asks "have you ever Fucked a girl?" I said yes I think of you and no I have not had sex with a girl. She said I think I need to show you how and I can show you things girls will love you for and I want to be the one to take you first.

We went to her bedroom and she told me to get undressed as she sat on the bed and watched me. She told me to lay on the bed and then she started undressing for me. I was on my back and she got on the bed and moved on top of me and reached down to guide my hard penis into her. As soon as my penis touched her and before I even entered her I came all over her hairy pussy. She rolled off and I could see my cum all over her.

She said it was all right that we would try again in a little while. Then she started kissing me and reached down and started messaging my still hard penis. She said reach down and feel me. I did and felt my sticky cum as I rubbed her pussy mound. She said go ahead and stick your fingers in its wet and slippery you'll like it. I slowly put in one finger she was right it slid right in. She told me use more than one finger and do it HARD. I did.

I told her I wanted to see her pussy and she lay back and raised her knees and spread her legs and I moved down between her legs and slid my fingers in. She reached down an spread her pussy with her hands and I stuck my fingers in and rubbed her inner lips she shook and juices flow out of her the sheet under her got wet, I think she came. She said one of the things a girl will love you for is if you kiss her down there and said for me to try it and she would tell me what to do.

I would have done anything she ask so I moved my head between her legs to kiss her pussy. She smelled musky through her perfume and that turned me on. I put my lips on her pussy and kissed it. She reached down again and spread her pussy and told me. Use your tongue and lick it and suck on it. I did. I liked the taste and the way I could make her squirm. She put her hand on the back of my head guided and pushed my head into her pussy.

She would say lick right there or suck on me here or stick your tongue in as far as you can here. I kept licking, sucking and swallowing her juices and following her directions. She is going to have to wash the bedding again because I came all over again without even touching myself.

After a while she pulled me up and we started kissing and she was licking her juices from my face and that turned me on because I knew she could taste what I had. She reached down and started messaging my dick and balls. She said I am going to make you cum with my mouth. You can cum in my mouth I want to swallow your cum. She started licking my penis and put it in her mouth and sucked and slid her mouth up and down .Again in no time I came.

Even after I came I was still hard and she moved up and slid me into her pussy and started humping me. It was so hot and wet. I had never felt anything like it. She sat back and pumped up and down on me while I reached up and played with her nipples and looked her in the face. Then her pussy actually squeeze my dick I shot in her and her juices mixed with my cum ran out of her down my balls and ass soaking the sheets beneath us.

Then she slid up straddling my chest and pushed her pussy on my mouth and said eat me again. I knew the added taste was my own cum. I held her ass in my hands as she humped my face. She moved up and said another thing that will make a girl never forget you is if you not only eat her pussy but also her ass. I licked, sucked and stuck my tongue in her ass hole. I think she came again and rolled off and we both went to sleep.

When we woke up she took me again. We had sex almost every day all summer after my cousin left for work. And she showed me a lot more things "Girls will Love", and if they let me do them I think they do. I got to where I could last a lot longer and make her cum even more than once before I did.

Every summer for the next three years we spent time together and I could hardly wait till schools out for summer. I have always enjoyed sex with women older than me so they can show me what girls like. I am getting to the age where it's hard to find an older woman. I've been posting some of my favorite experiences on this site. I have many more to share.

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