Losing A Boyfriend At The Glory Hole

by Kaci (New Orleans, LA)

My ex was insistent that we try a glory hole. At first I was hesitant but then I decided I would do it to satisfy him. I dressed in a sundress and as requested no panties or bra.

It was about 10 pm when we went. When we got there I was a little relieved to see a lot of cars in the parking lot imagining that I could hide better in a crowd. We went to the back room where my ex had said the booths were.

I felt several men staring at me. We went into a booth and I made sure the door was locked. My ex-bf said we could not leave until I had sucked a strangers cock. He put money in the machine and a movie came on...it showed an attractive blond in a gang bang.

A few minutes later I saw a cock slide through the opening into our booth...I looked at my ex and he said, do it. I got on my knees and quickly took him into my mouth. I love giving bj's and immediately went to work on it.

I felt the cock harden in my mouth...I heard the stranger ask me to show my tits...I stood up and slipped my dress over my head leaving me totally naked. I went back to work on the strangers cock and he quickly rewarded me with a mouthful of cum.

I looked at my ex and made a production of swallowing the cum. I got up and tried to kiss my ex but he turned his head. I asked what else did he want me to do.

He asked if I enjoyed it and I said I did. He said, "Do another one" I quickly agreed.

Shortly a large black cock that was very thick came into our booth. I wrapped my hand around it and popped it into my mouth. I started sucking it fiercely! It was the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I grinned at my ex and stood up and rubbed it between my legs and said, "Dare me?"

Bill grinned and said "Do it"... I rubbed the cock between my legs and then slipped it inside me...The owner of the cock was very horny and came less than a minute later filled me up with his spunk.

Bill, my ex, said he had to go to the rest room and told me to lock the door after he left. I did so and while waiting for him to return I sucked one more cock swallowing another load of hot cum.

It dawned on me that my ex had been gone for a long while. I put my dress back on and went looking for him. He was no where in the store. I went out to where we parked and his car was gone! The rat had abandoned me! I had to call an uber to get a ride home!

When I got home I found that my ex had left a message on my machine telling me that it was all a test and that I had failed because I was a slut. It broke my heart that he lied but I truly did enjoy the night and would go again if I had an escort.

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