Loretta and Joey's Secret Love

by Joey (AL)

I was lucky enough that I got to experience the secret fantasy of every young man who has a pretty, sexy cute Mother. My mom Loretta was so super cool, she cheated on my stepdad, her husband, by letting her son Joey W. Take her to bed and kiss his mom while her dress was pulled up and her son had removed her yellow panties so he could kiss and lick his mother s wet Vagina so Loretta and Joey could start their incestuous fucking!!!!

I almost got to fuck Loretta a third time. But Bob my stepdad was there. He left me and my mom alone in the back bedroom. I decided to let Loretta watch me jack off next to her in bed. I pulled my dick out to let mom see it again. I asked mom if I could borrow a pair of her panties. Mom said okay and gave me a pair. I said "these are yours, right mom?" Loretta met my eyes looking so sexy. "Yes Joey those are mine" she liked that I was fantasizing about FUCKING my mom as I let her watch me fuck a pair of her panties. mom was totally cool with having sex with her son.

She wanted to fuck, but her husband might catch her getting fucked by her own son. "You know I'm usually very cool, Joey. But Bob is here" reminding me that on two special occasions I had Mom in bed with her panties off and her legs spread as mom let me put my 9 inch dick I'm her adorable tight, sweet lovely PUSSY! MOM wanted to fuck. She gave me a little present and pulled her silky pajama shorts and her blue lacy underwear down so I could look at my mom's pussy as I fucked her sexy underwear!!!

Then mom raised up and leaned over me with her shorts and her panties pulled down. She put her mouth on my dick!!

She gave it one playful suck and I tried to get her to keep sucking my dick, but she didn't. With my stepdad and her husband in the next room, me and Loretta 💖 we're in bed and Mom was showing me her pussy as she watched me fuck her panties. I wanted to make Loretta my secret love again and have loving incest with her. I had already got my mom to give me her pussy twice, both times mom let me lick her pussy first and I fucked mom until I came inside her pussy.

Finally Loretta said "Joey, baby...my SON! YOU CAN MAKE LOVE TO ME BUT WE HAVE TO BE QUIET."

Mom got on her back and took her panties off and opened her legs ready to give her baby boy mommy's wet pussy. As me and mom were kissing I started FUCKING her tight brown haired pussy. As me and mom kissed I started FUCKING her faster. The bed of our incestuous sex started squeaking as I was FUCKING Loretta like we were lovers instead a 25 year old man in bed FUCKING his 43 year old Mom. I kissed mom and she whispered "quiet, my baby, someone might hear us having sex!"

I got mom to get on the floor beside the bed with me and we started making incestuous love again. Mom was so adorable! Her long brown hair and her sexy eyes, her cute little pussy, her brown pubic hair touching mine as I was fucking my mom. I always wondered if I tried to have sex with her, would she go for it? One time mom let me kiss her really good! She was a little drunk, she gave me a loving look and said "kiss me like you kiss Diane!"

My mom wanted to share a really sexy loving kiss with her young son. I pulled her close and kissed her like I wanted to make her my FEMALE, MY GIRL! We shared a long passionate kiss together, and I could tell my mom liked to kiss me like that. I let mom be the first girl to see my dick and my dick got big. Then mom let me get a look up her little summer dress when she wasn't wearing any panties, I could see all of her bare pussy! I had never seen a woman's naked pussy up close.

Mom was satisfying her young son by showing me her VAGINA!!! I have uploaded another story on this site "a sweet summer interlude" that tells the TOTALLY TRUE STORY of the first time that me and my mom were in bed having sex with each other. It was July 16 2000, just outside Tullahoma Tennessee. Then mom fucked me again in 2003. I love 💕💕💕 her so much. She's the sexiest girl I ever had in bed with my penis inside my mother's vagina!!!

I took Loretta to bed and Mom let me make her my secret lover, My Girl!! We had sex at Lisa's and her house. I loved FUCKING my mother's sopping wet pussy as we were kissing. Mom was the 14th girl that ever let me fuck her pussy.

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