Lorena's Story: Part 2

by J

Andre spun me around, reached down and grabbed my tits as he fucked his long, hard cock into me from behind. I was in heaven; my younger brother was ploughing me with every ounce of strength he had. How, I wondered, had I never even thought of doing this with him before? When he let go of my tits and wrapped my hair around his fingers, I shrieked with pleasure. The slight pain from his tugging on me, adding to the sensations building through my body, I was ready to cum again.

"Faster! Don't stop! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!" Pleasure exploded through my body, and the last word drew out into a long, loud moan.

He slowed down his assault on my cunt for just long enough to bend my left leg up over my head and force my face into the worn leather cushion. Straddling me like this, he jackhammered into me, "I'm gonna cum in you again." He hissed, the steady rhythm of his cock never slowing. "You're mine now, slut."

I love it when men call me that while they fuck me. Slut, whore, bitch, it doesn't really matter. The fact that now it was my brother, just made it hotter. "Yes!" I groaned, trying to get the word out as he kept my face in the couch with the force of his pounding. "I'm a slut, I'm your slut now. Just don't stop fucking me!"

Andre didn't hear me, but I didn't care. I was about to cum again, the muscles in my cuntal tunnel contracting around his member when he stuck his thumb in my ass. I nearly passed out from pleasure, my orgasm ripped through me so hard that I barely heard Andre grunt nor feel him stiffen as he shot a second load of hot, sticky cum deep into me.

He collapsed on the couch behind me, breathing heavily and saying, "wow. Holy shit. Fuck." I smiled, I know what kind of power my pussy has over men, in truth I was stunned he had lasted as long as he did, most men barely went over a minute when they first tried me. I peeled myself off the couch and slithered into his lap. Now was the critical phase. If I wasn't careful, his conscience might just tip the scales away from his hormones.

In his lap, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, gently at first, then growing more forceful as he got more into it. His hand came up to cup my breast, and his thumb glided across the nipple, I shuddered in pleasure and pressed closer, sticking my tongue into his mouth. "Lorena," he said when I pulled back to breathe. "What did we? What did I?" I pulled myself up and held his head between my tits. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill, and shoppers hasn't closed, so there's nothing to worry about. Just enjoy it."

His hands clasped my lower back, big, strong hands. "You belong to me now, little brother," I said into his hair. "Whenever I want you, I'll have you. How does that sound?" He sucked my right nipple into his mouth and teased it with his teeth. "Sounds good big sister," his voice was muffled, I sighed and leaned against him, wanting more. "But, we should get dressed before anyone catches us."

I didn't want him to know just yet that I had designs on our other brother, you never know, boys can be so jealous, so I told him to get his swim trunks on, and I'd take a shower. He looked so disappointed, I knew that he wanted to share that shower with me, but I informed him quite firmly that we didn't have time, "and besides." I reached between my legs and gathered a handful of his thick white cum, brought it up to my lips and licked it off. "I can't go in the pool like this, someone might notice."

He sighed and stood, I threw my arms around his neck and held on for dear life. "Hey, now!" I giggled. "Don't drop me! You don't want to break your new toy just yet!" He filled his hands with my ass and pulled me up to kiss me again, "oh, I won't break you. I need this," he pushed his semi-hard cock a little way into my pussy, "to last a long, long time yet." I laughed and allowed him to carry me upstairs and throw me onto his bed. He lay on top of me, and we frenched for a long time.

"Alright, get off," I laughed. "I've got to wash your spunk off me before anyone gets home. And you've got to clean off the couch." Andre pulled back and looked down at me, then checked his watch, "yeah. Alright. But, I'll be seeing these," he ran his fingers over my nipples, "again very soon." I smiled and told him that he could be sure of that, then kicked him gently in the stomach. "Go on, you've got some work to do."

I stood on shaky legs and, trying not to let my knees, weakened by the furious fucking I'd just had, walked to the bathroom. As I left Andre's room, I turned back and, grabbing one tit and bending to show off my ass, said, "remember, little brother, this is our secret." I spent a long time under the water, thoroughly washing out my vag and soaping every part of me that might stink, nonetheless, when I got out, I was sure I smelled like sex.

I felt some disapprobation over what I'd done. Yeah, it felt amazing, and it meant that I wouldn't have to go without sex, basically ever again. But it was dangerous, and most people thought it was immoral. Maybe I'd made the wrong choice? My hand slid between my legs as I thought, I'd let him cum inside me, twice. Not a big deal, Aaron, my housemate, did that all the time, but he wasn't my brother. I was on the pill, so any dangers were minimal.

A vision flashed through my mind, Andre, naked on top of me, fit body writhing as he fucked me, the image made all the hotter by the knowledge that his dick was deep inside me. Added to everything else, I was planning on seducing Carlos as well. What was wrong with me? I pushed aside my doubts and fingered myself to a quick, shallow climax. It didn't matter, I'd made my choice, and I was going to stick with it.

When I got out of the shower, everyone else was home, and my parents called me to hurry up as others needed the shower. I complied and, slipping on a robe but not closing it, hurried to my room.

I put on a bikini and wrapped a towel around my waist. It was time to start on getting Carlos out of his pants, and I didn't think it would be as easy as Andre; I needed to seduce him a little more subtlety.

I walked through the house and out into the yard, I felt my brothers' eyes on me. Carlos's gaze appreciative, Andre's hungry. I grinned and laid out in the sun, the better to show off my assets. I had a plan, and I was getting sex, what more could a girl ask for?

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