Lorena's Story: Part 1

by J

Before the Pandemic, I was a relatively normal kid. A bit of a slut, I admit that but normal in the broad sense of the word. I hung out with my friends, went on dates, worked out, got fucked. You know, normal things. Then the world went and ended. Now, I've been stuck at home for weeks. Same as everyone else, I know that, but still, it's rough.

So, my campus closed in the middle of March, and I packed my things and went home. I didn't think much of it, but I assumed that I wouldn't be back in time to move out of my student house later.

My housemate was inside me when the call from my parents, telling me to pack up and come home, came in. That was very nearly embarrassing, though I'm able to keep myself under control and told Dad that he'd called me in the middle of a workout. He bought that, he's always been very forgiving. So, my housemate came inside me, and I packed and went home—nothing to it.

I'd been home nearly a week before it all started. As I said, my housemate fucked me, it happened pretty regularly, and I loved it. Sometimes I'd wake up to him rubbing my pussy or already inside me; we'd fuck nearly every day at least once, so now you understand that I was feeling pretty starved, stuck at home with only my toys to keep me busy.

I'm about six feet tall, with curly dark-brown hair and black eyes. I play tennis, volleyball and soccer, so I'm in pretty good shape, and I've got 36D boobs. Now that you know what I look like, you'll understand what happened the day my younger brother walked in on me masturbating.

I had thought everyone was out; Carlos and Andre had gone jogging, and Mom and Dad were out for a bike ride. Or so I thought.

I was on the seven-seater sectional couch in the living room; the house was dead silent except for my moans and the constant sound of my bullet vibe on my clit. My eyes were closed, my free hand twisting my nipples or teasing my lips. I came like a firework, my back arching, toes curling, mouth open in wordless ecstasy. The rippling aftershocks of pleasure radiated from my cunt, through my body, making me shudder with glee; as I finally came down and pulled the bullet away from my trembling pussy, I heard someone say, "Oh, shit," from the door.

My eyes popped open, and my long brown legs snapped shut, I whirled, my hair flying and saw Andre standing in the door, mouth open, eyes wide.

"Shit, uh, fuck, sorry. I'll, uhh..." his eyes were locked on my nipples, standing out like the erasers on the end of pencils. "You're uh, busy. I'll... sorry." With a visible effort, he tore his eyes away from my sweaty, shining, exposed skin and turned to leave.

I'd never thought about him in any way other than a mildly vexing younger brother; I'd seen him in swim trunks before and knew that he had a nice body, but I'd never thought about him as a man before that moment. My hand slid between my legs again as I considered that I wouldn't have to be starved after all. He was only a few years younger than I, and he was trapped as much as I was, maybe we could help each other.

"Andre, stop." He froze, then, slowly, his eyes turned back to me. "You saw me, right?" He nodded. I spread my legs a little more, letting him see my shaved pussy as I rubbed my clit with one finger. "What did you think?" He started moving closer to me, one step at a time. "I thought that, uh, you were," his voice trailed off as I put one foot on the back of the couch, the other on the floor; I grabbed both tits and smiled, "I was, what?"

Without speaking, he kneeled on the couch between my legs, leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling his crotch against my wet, hungry pussy. "The sexiest person I'd ever seen," he panted when I let his mouth go.

I ground my hips against the iron-hard cock I could feel under his workout shorts. "Then do something about it," I whispered into his ear, then tugged at his earlobe with my teeth. He growled, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me into the couch, cushions, "stay there."

He stood and tore his shirt, trying to get it off. He pulled down his shorts, and his cock sprang up, bouncing slightly with the pulse of his heartbeat. I licked my lips, I wanted that long hard piece of meat in my mouth, but that could wait. "Come here and fuck me!"

He climbed back on top of me, and I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my hole. "Ready?" he was such a gentleman, I thought. Too horny for speech, I wrapped my legs around him again and pulled him into me. I gasped as I felt the head of his cock force itself between my pussy lips, groaned as my muscles contracted around him. He thrust hard and was buried to the hilt in moments. "You're so tight, sis," he sighed into my ear. "Then stretch me out," I grunted back, grinding my hips against him,

He started to thrust, slowly at first, then, finding his rhythm, faster and faster. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" By the third time, it was nearly a scream. His cock was perfect; his body was perfect; I never wanted him to stop. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, and my vision went blank, "Yesss!" I screamed, my nails digging into his back, spurring him to go faster, deeper, harder. "Don't stop!" He pounded me mercilessly, I bit into his shoulder, but still, he didn't stop, he just kept pounding me.

Minutes passed, somewhere in the back of my mind, beyond the blissful fog that our incestuous coupling had covered my mind in, I was stunned at his stamina, he'd only just turned 18, but he hadn't stopped for breath or even slowed down.

I felt another orgasm building, "don't stop," I said again. "Never stop, I'm gonna cum."

"Lorena?" he panted, "I'm gonna, where?" I tightened my legs around him, "I said, don't stop!" His pounding lost its rhythm, became more erratic before he thrust as deep into me as he could, he tensed, shuddered, groaned, then he came. I could feel his cum shooting out of him, plastering that walls of my pussy, filling me to overflowing. The force of his orgasm triggered my own, and I screamed in worldless joy.

When my cunt has milked every last drop of cum from his cock, he collapsed on top of me, panting. "Thank you," he said weakly. I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him, my tongue forcing its way into his mouth. "Can we, uh," I cut him off with another kiss. "Oh yes, we can, and if you know what's good for you, Andre, we will." He smiled, and I felt his cock getting hard again inside me. "We still have some time if you're ready."

I could have laughed. Plans were already forming in my mind, if Andre was this eager, I was willing to bet anything that I could get Carlos in me as well. Quarantine was about to get a lot better.

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