Loosening Up

by Mike (AZ)

Tim was startled.

Jake and Devon were lying naked together on the bed, propped up against the pillows, each smoking a cigarette. Jake had his arm around behind Devon’s shoulders in a chummy fashion and Devon was holding his hand. Neither had an erection, although their penises were both large as they laid flopped over to one side.

The two of them looked back at Tim in a calm fashion.

The three of them were all working part time and taking classes at the college, and had rented the condo together. When Tim had come back that afternoon, the door to Devon’s room was open and there he and Jake were together, naked on the bed.

“I … I didn’t know that you guys were gay,” Tim said.

“We’re not,” Devon replied. “We’re just having a friendly guy moment.”

“Oh,” was all that Tim could manage to say.

“It’s not a big deal,” Jake said carelessly.

Of course it was to Tim. Two guys being together … that was unthinkable to him. If guys did things like that together, then they had to be gay, and that was sort of … well, dissolute. It was just somehow wrong.

Tim just stood there looking at them, the two of them just lying there comfortably together, naked, and in this chummy sort of romantic fashion. To him this somehow seemed indecent. Licentious.

“I … I have to go back out,” Tim announced. He turned abruptly and hurriedly left.

Devon sighed. “Geez … what an uptight guy.”

Jake sighed, too. “I have a feeling that we’re going to be losing a roommate.”

“That’s going to be a pain … losing his share of the rent.”

“I know,” Jake agreed, realizing as much. “I guess that I could pick up a few extra hours at work.”

“Me, too … probably,” said Devon.

Jake frowned. “Geez … can’t two guys be friends without it being a big deal?”

“Not according to the righteous Tim, apparently,” said Devon.

The two of them really were not gay, as in preferring other guys over girls. It was just that each felt comfortable being companionable male with a friend, and were accepting of male sexuality, finding that enjoyable. This was nothing new of course. It really had long been that way, with there being an acceptance of strong male=friendships, only now that guys tended to be more open about it. It was, however, unfortunately the Gay movement which had tainted that in unflattering ways.

Devon smiled at Jake, appreciating the warm male-chemistry between the two of them as friends, and Jake smiled back in the same way.

“I guess we should have told him that we were Gay,” Devon said. “He might have understood that. He wouldn’t have liked it, but he might have understood.”

“But we’re not. We’re just friends,” Jake said.

“Yeah. But he can’t understand friends … well, screwing together.”

As they laid there lamenting their roommate’s short sightedness, and finishing their cigarettes, Devon felt his penis starting to become more fully erect. Jake noticed and grinned, feeling his penis responding. They each had a fairly large one and it felt good to have them celebrating their maleness together.

Jake leaned over to take Devon’s stiff organ into his mouth, wetly going over the large mushrooming tip, and then taking in several inches of the thick shaft. Devon moaned a little over his friend’s oral indulgence. Neither had a problem sucking another guy’s dick, and found that exciting and enjoyable to do.

Jake then pulled his mouth away and reached for a small bottle of lubrication that was on the nightstand. He applied a few drops to his rigidly erect penis and smeared it along its length with his fingers, leaving it slick and shining.

Devon grinned. “Maybe we’d better close to the door,” he suggested.

“Why?” Jake replied in a careless matter of fact tone. “Will he curl up and die if he sees us fucking?”

“Probably,” Devon laughed. He rolled over onto his stomach.

Jaked mounted him and Devon felt Jake’s stiff maleness smoothly sliding through his sensitive butt hole.

“Oh, man your dick feels good …” Devon breathed.

“It feels good having my dick in you,” said Jake as he began to gently fuck his penis in and out of his friend’s accommodating anal sheath.

“Oh, God, Tim would die if he saw us doing this,” said Devon mindfully.

Jake laughed. “I know. And we’re not even using a rubber.”

“That’s what makes it even better,” said Devon, loving how it felt to have Jake’s bare penis plunging and again and again deep into him and knowing what the results would be.

“Oh … Oh, yeah …” Jake panted. It felt so good to be fucking Devon like this, to be letting his hard penis express his feelings of friendship.

“Man …” Devon said, only too thrilled and glad to be able to unashamedly use his anal abilities with another guy to express his feelings of friendship in the fullest of ways. This was something that he had always enjoyed. He had been quite young the first time he had experienced this, only eleven, when he had let another boy fuck him. It had been with a friend and they had done it just for fun together, as friends, and it had been so wonderful. He had loved the male interaction, and discovering that the reproductive act could be used between two guys to share an intimate closeness just as much as with a girl. It was just so basic and natural.

Of course, his enjoyment of this was not just to be on the receiving end, but to be also be use his own penis on the giving end in another guy’s butt as well.

Jake suddenly grunted and was ejaculating inside of Devon, his erection pulsing out his semen, providing Devin with his life-giving sperm. And although no fertilization could take place, he was nevertheless impregnating Devon as another guy with a part of himself and that was so satisfying and fulfilling for both of them.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Devon panted as he felt Jakes masculine discharge happening within him.

“Oh …. Oh … Oh … Oh …” Jake breathed as his male organ was completing its purpose.

He pulled his expended dick from Devon’s but and they quickly exchanged places.

Devon got up behind Jake and, without bothering with lubrication, Devon was able to get the swollen head of his erection into Jake’s tight anal opening. He was in sufficiently deep enough that when he suddenly started ejaculating, his semen flooded into his friend’s anal sheath.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” Devon gasped as his organ throbbed out is wet discharge with a satisfying intimacy, giving Jake his sperm in a fulfilling completion.

“Oh, yes … yes … yes …” Jake panted, wanting to feel Devon’s maleness doing this.

Then in one glorious moment it was over for both of them.

They both sighed.

Then they smiled at one another over once more having celebrated their friendship in the most intimate of ways.

“I’m glad that Tim didn’t see this,” Jake said.

“Maybe he should have,” said Devon. “Maybe it would do him good to see two guys making love. It might loosen him up and to help him start enjoying life.”

Jake smiled thoughtfully. “One can only hope.”

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