Looking After Mum

by Mack55 (Cambridge)

We had a great life, sister and me at home an idyllic childhood and moved well into adult life. Dad died of a heart attack just after we had left home. I would go every other weekend to look after the garden or the house and do odd jobs. One Saturday after a hard day cutting hedges, we had tea and I had a bath and went to bed to watch Match of the day.

Mum brought me a cup of tea and as Chelsea were playing she popped into bed to watch my Dads team. She was in her nightie and dressing gown. I finished my tea and Mum cuddled up with her back against me as i watched over her shoulder. I had a hard on from the closeness despite the clothes she was wearing.

She must have noticed but stayed pressed against me holding my arm which was just below her breasts. As the next match started she just said hang on a minute took her dressing gown Off and went back into the same position.

I was embarrassed at having a hard cock pressed against my Mum but she was interested in the football after a few moments she said this is uncomfortable, reached between her legs and pulled my cock down and popped it between her thighs, her nightdress had ridden up so i was against bare flesh.

Didn't help my hard cock which was twitching, the game finished and Mum was slowly sliding backwards and forwards she then let go of my hand took my cock and placed it next go her pussy. She moved and slowly slid my cock inside her. My hand was now free and despite the feeling of shock, and fear i moved it up and played with her breasts pinching her nipples that were so hard.

I knew i was going to cum but instead of pulling away i fucked her cunt hard and fast and squashing the tit i was holding i shot my load into my Mums cunt just as she came and then she cried. I held her and said nothing, my cock went soft a little but stayed inside her. I moved my hand lower and stroked her belly.

Lovely small tits and a flat stomach i was surprised and excited to feel a smooth mound. I was in shock at what had happened and my reaction to it but could not stop my movements. I slid my fingers down her slit and sought out her clit. Soaked from our join juices mum was pushing her fanny to meet my probing fingers as she panted and rocked too and for my own dick responded by thickening up again.

As Mum reached an Orgasm my cock was fully buried inside her, she pulled my hand away from her sensitive clit and i again groped and squeezed her tits like a teenager who had just discovered them. Mum then pulled away and i expected her to come to her senses and we would have a row but she turned sat up pulled her nightie off and straddled me, lifting her body up she took my rock hard cock placed it at her open hole and sank down on me.

As i disappeared into my own mothers cunt as far as i could go she placed her hands on my shoulders and lifted her bum up till i almost popped out and then she slammed down on me. She then proceeded to ride me and occasionally lifting up and slamming down. I had never had such wild sex before, i had alwzys been in control but here i was my mums sex object being used for her pleasure.

I cupped her cheeks reached up and played with her wonderful breasts and tried to last as long as she wanted. I knew she was approaching a climax and wanted her to ride it out which she did going rigid and i came for the second time inside the body that had delivered me. When it was over mum lay full length on me as my cock finally wilted from the wonderful experience.

Our juices soaked me as they seemed to be flowing freely from her. She apologized but said that after 15 months of being a widow she had regained her desires and had been on a few dates with 2 work colleagues. She had chatted to Kate, my sister and they felt if i was her first new lover if mum could not go through with it, it would be less embarrassing for her and at work.

As my bed was ruined she suggested a shower and to go to sleep in her bed. I woke in the morning with my cock in my mums mouth. I fucked her again in her bed this time with her kneeling up and her face buried in the mattress, her favorite position with my dad she said.

She then made breakfast and we never spoke about it again but resumed our normal mother son relationship. My meeting with my sister later that month brought a new incest to light that surprised me again.

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