Long Lost Cousin

by Marylou (Guam)

Last I remember him he was 6 years old, he left to the States with his family. He is the 2nd oldest among 5 of them, single and love to play football. His mom and my mom are sisters, so he is my cousin. Year 1999 his mother passed away and they were trying to contact the families, he went on social media and found my sister, so they got to connect and all.

One day he decided to visit his hometown, which he did and I really have no idea that he is in his hometown because my sister never mention anything. My friends and I went to this very popular bar downtown, we all sat in there getting drunk, dancing, and having lots of fun when he walks in with his friends.

When he walks in I keep staring at him trying to remember if he my cousin, his 5'6 and weight 180 body build, black hair, with brown eyes and of course handsome fella. Our eyes met when I turn to my friends and mingle and he walks over to our table, introducing him and his friends. My girlfriends were sitting there giggling and giving the boys a big smile.

Hey I know you...he said

looks at him...ahhhh ok, and who are you?

I'm your cousin...he said

Took hand out and shake...and I'm like ok (confuse look)

May we join you girls? He said

Ok sure...I said

So all my girlfriends are like looking at me giving me signs that he is so handsome.

The boys started getting us more hard liquor till we can hardly stand and dance. I sat there looking at him while he laughs and telling jokes with all my friends and his friends. I got up and said "I'm sorry but I need to use the restroom" he got up and said "are you okay to walk" I look and give him a flirty smile then walk away. Walk back out and they were all standing by the table to start leaving. My girlfriends were all hanging on the boys like they can't hardly walk.

I told them it's ok we can take the taxi but they insist they want to take us all home. So we all got on 2 cars and I was on his car dropping off my girlfriends to their apartment when I live 5 blocks down. He decided to drop me, he drives me home, got down and told him "thank you" and he asked if I'm not gonna invite him in to see my place..of course I invited him down head in my apartment. Offered him something to drink we sat there at my dining table talking about our families but he seem to be in another world...

You look beautiful..he said

Oh thank you..blushing...

He got up and walk behind me and put his hands on my shoulder and start rubbing it up and down..I ask what is he doing...he didn't say much he started kissing my neck and whispers in my ears..I want you...I sit there stiffen..he started reaching down on my chest circling his hands on my boobs on my blouse, then he pull up my blouse and takes it off exposing my boobs in my bra.

He then turn my chair and hold my hand bringing me to my couch and we stand in the middle of my living room his hands all over my body kissing every inch of my shoulder and my neck going down to my boobs and he unclip my bra falling down on the floor. My 34c boobs exposing in his face, he started playing with my nipples, pinching and licking it..I started moaning then I had to stop him, I told him I need to shower..he looks at me and said..Ok go and I'll wait for you.

While in the shower washing and soaping on my body the door open and he walks in full naked with his 8 inch cock hanging between his legs semi erect, he went behind me and put his hands again on my shoulder rinsing off water on my body and kissing my neck behind, his hands on my thighs rubbing it up and down..I look and said I can't do it..he just didn't say anything, he turn me around facing him and look me in the eye and put his lips on mine, locking my lips and I feel his tongue in my mouth.

I started feeling my body hot when he puts his finger on my pussy and start rubbing it up and down, i begin spreading my legs feeling his finger rubbing deep in my pussy with his tongue locking on mine, water running down on our body, he continues to kiss me and fingering me, I grab onto his fully now erect cock and begin stroking it while we both moan and panting for air enjoying the heated finger and hand work.

He picks up one leg on his waist rubbing his cock on my pussy not entering yet, I feel the head hitting my erect hard clitoris making me moan more, hands all over his body, he then carry me up, feeling his erect cock stuck to my pussy, still kissing me, walking to my bed and drop me on the bed , our body still wet..he grab a towel and put on me and start wiping me down from my face to my body and my legs, then he dry himself off, drop the towel on the floor, kneel down in front of the bed pull me to the edge and pick my legs up and begin tasting my pussy.

I can feel his tongue licking my pussy up and down slowly looking up at me and said..I want you to cum in my mouth....I look down and watch him licking, sucking, and pulling my pussy lips with his mouth and continue eating out my pussy, while i grab on to the bed sheet pulling it hard about to cum, arching my hips up and his strong arms locking on my waist while his face deepen inside my pussy tongue fucking it...in and out..I moan so hard and grinding my pussy on his tongue

ahhhhhhhhh..fuck im cumming...ahhhhhh stop stop

He continues to go harder locking my pussy on his mouth

Cum in my mouth..I need you....licking faster

My body starts shaken..cumming on his mouth so hard..and he continues to lick the inside and outside of my pussy not wanting to let go..i started unlocking his arms but the stronger he grabs onto my waist sucking and licking me out till I scream out loud

fuck fuck fuck...oh god...stop stop...he gave his last lick on my pussy and got up..he looks at me and said

Fuck your pussy is so juicy...he rubs my pussy one more time and took my cums and rub it on his cock then he spread my leg again and start pushing his cock head in slowly until everything goes in my pussy deeper..he then lay on me and starts fucking my wet pussy in and out slowly, kissing and sucking on my boobs...fuck I'm gonna fuck you all night.

I know you want me when you saw me...i look deep in his eyes and he kiss me again deeper while he continues fucking me hard...I can feel his hard cock entering my pussy which I was so fucking turn on when his shaft rubs on my clit back and forth, he holds one leg up and begin fucking me hard and fast rubbing on my clit so hard...

oh fuck don't stop lets cum together...oh fuck you where have you been...

oh yes....your pussy so tight...fuck I want to fuck every inch of you...

yes yes..please harder and faster...

you like it hard....

fuck yes faster faster ...

his thrusting hard in my pussy ramming deeper when he started stiffening his body saying

I'm cumming fuck....in your pussy...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes

the deeper he went in my pussy locking his body on mine fucking so hard..cumming in my pussy

feeling his warm cum spits in my pussy, his hands holding my shoulder and rammed hard for 3 times..oh fuck..after all his cums he drops his body on mine and breath so hard on my face lips on mine..

Can I sleep with you tonight and I promise to fuck your pussy again in the morning...he said

I just laughed at him turn and hug, his cock resting on my thighs...good night.

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