Lonely Sister

by Phil (Tennessee)

This is a story of how my incest relationship started with my sister. I was 19 at the time and horny all the time as most young guys are. My sister was 29 five foot six 160 pounds, nice 32 d tits,and a nice bubble butt.

I always thought she was hot and tried to catch a peak every chance I got.She was married early in life and he had divorced her and left her to raise there kids alone. She was very upset and lonely so I agreed to stay with her for a while.

We often talked about sex growing up and was open about the subject. She told me that it had been months since she had sex with anyone.I told her that since my last girlfriend that I had not had sex either. We talked for a few more mins and she said she was going to take a bath and go to bed.

My mind was racing thoughts of seeing her naked so I snuck down the hall into her bedroom she was in tub already that was in the master attached to her bedroom and the door was cracked, bingo there was my chance when I eased to the slightly cracked door I heard her low moans, and there she was riding a big blue dildo she had stuck to edge of tub she was facing away from door, my cock sprung to attention it was eight long and thick.

I slowly starting rubbing my cock with in seconds I couldn't hold out anymore i shot five huge strings of cum onto the bathroom floor threw crack in door, she orgasmed at same time and lifted off the dildo I hurried and left the room before I got caught,and went and got in the bed.

A few minutes later she walked in the room to tell me good night and sit on the edge of the bed and said I hope you feel better, I was like what do you mean she told me she heard me watching her and saw me threw mirror stroking my cock and said that when she saw me cum it drove her over the edge and she cummed.

After I left room she said that she saw the huge amount of cum in floor. I was so embarrassed and speechless, that's when she reached under the covers and said your cock was the biggest I ever saw and started to rub my already growing cock I couldn't believe it, she was touching it instead of being mad at me.

She got me harder than i think I have been and said I have been so lonely and that she needed my cock,she pulled the covers back and exposed my rock hard cock, stood up and let her robe drop to the floor her body was so hot her shaved pussy still wet from the orgasm she just had.

She climbed up on the bed beside me and started stroking my throbbing cock again I took her tits in my hands and started to kiss on her neck she moaned as I squeezed her hard nipples I then took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it like a new born baby, I slid my hand down across her flat belly and across her hot wet pussy lips I couldn't believe how wet she was I slid two fingers easily into her waiting pussy she stroked me faster as she moaned louder.

I then started my way kissing her stomach until my tongue found her pussy it was heaven I was eating my hot sisters pussy and she was loving it, and so was I she they sit up and ask me to turn around so she could suck my throbbing cock I thought I would cum as soon as her lips hit the head, I eat her pussy like I never would eat another, she started to tremble as she cum in my mouth filling it with her sweet juices.

I knew I couldn't take much more so I had to feel that wet pussy before I erupted, I rolled out from her and pulled her on her knees and rubbed my head across her still dripping pussy as I slid forward and she meet me and I slammed all the way in her. It was the best pussy I think I ever had she clamped down on my cock harder with each thrust her juices dripping off my balls.

She moaned and said fuck me hard little brother that was all I could take I started shooting my cum shot after shot into her as she trembled to her own orgasm we collapsed on the bed still panting from our massive orgasm when she said I have wanted that from you for years. We faded off to sleep. That was the beginning of my sexual relationship with my lonely sister, we are both married now but still meet up every chance we get to fuck. To this day she is the best sex I ever had and I'm 40 now.

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