Liz My Friend

by Goamaria (Canada)

We had started getting closer and did lots of stuff together, I mean sexual and erotic between us - the two girls at their mid-30s. We were actually completely in love with each other.

One night last month, I decided to invite her over to stay the night. When she arrived she was in very tight short shorts almost contouring her cunt and amazing ass.

We went in my room and laid on the bed watching a hot adult movie on television for awhile.

Suddenly I looked over and she had her shirt pulled half way up, I couldn’t help myself and started kissing her stomach all over slowly. She smiled and seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did.

The next thing I knew she was taking off my shirt feeling my breast. She was running her thumb over my nipples making them very hard. She took my bra off completely, and started slowly sucking on my nipple.

I moaned with pleasure it felt amazing. I slowly undone her belt and took her tight shorts off. She very gently pulled my mini-skirt and panties down. She began feeling my pussy and playing with my clit. I began to get very wet and my pussy lips got engorged and throbbing.

She slowly inserted her middle finger into my pussy and moved it around, then she took it out and added another finger in my wet pussy and made a come-forward motion which hit my g-spot and I had my orgasm within a couple of minutes.

I began moaning and groaning and she took out her fingers and immediately began eating me out, that was a great feeling. I really enjoyed it. She done this for about 20 minutes or so, it was very pleasing.

She could tell I was close to cumming again and when I did she licked it off my pussy with pleasure. She then grabbed a vibrator out of her back spread my pussy lips and placed it inside. The feeling was sensational.

We rested for sometime and I slowly continued stroking her pussy lips. Soon I got down her belly and made her thighs wide apart to discover her shaven juicy pussy. I ran my tongue along the slit parting her lips while my hands were playing with her firm boobs.

My tongue was trying to explore the inner of her pussy and flicking over her clit from time to time. Within half an hour she reached climax shaking her whole body.

The session continued for nearly three hours before we slept together entwined - feeling the warmth of each other’s body.

In the morning we assumed 69ing, not in traditional way but rested our heads on each other’s thighs so that our mouths were within the reach of our pussies and ate each other’s pussy till we had several strong orgasms!

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