Liz And Avril: Pt 2

by Anonymous (York, England)

She went to her room to fetch her daughter. I thought it was all preplanned by her. I took another Vg while she was out. In about half an hour, Liz returned and informed me that Avril was ready to come over and meet me within half an hour. Meanwhile, I wasted no time to open Liz’s thighs wide and liberally spread some whipped cream into her slit, licked and sucked her off to some mini orgasms. Then fucked her and licked her pussy once again as I was too horny, but did not cum yet.

While I was licking Liz’s pussy, lapping her nectar mixed with whipped cream and as she was moaning, there was a knock on the bedroom door and I heard a woman's voice: “may I come in!” Liz responded : ”ok honey, come in”. IT WAS HER DAUGHTER. Wow! There she was - in her smallest black bikini with a matching see-through nightie showing off her braless firm pair of boobs, Avril reached to my bed.

As I continued sucking on her pussy lips, Liz continued - Avril had learned to fuck at the age of thirteen when her father started fucking her. She was oriented to fuck older men and hence her marriage did not last long. She loved fucking and licking pussy because her father loved to fuck younger pussies of Avril’s two other girlfriends too. Liz too had three- and/or four-some within the family – lesbian to straight sex. I wondered thinking about how liberated Liz had become and promiscuous too.

Liz asked her daughter to slip off her nightie and to sit on the bed closer to me. Avril was staring at my glistening cock the whole time her mom was talking with her. I draw her to hug, she melted in my arms and slipped her hand to my cock. Her body-smell was invigorating. I leaned in for a kiss and was surprised when we connected. I immediately stuck out my tongue and touched her closed lips. She tasted so good.

I probed my tongue between her lips and she instantly started to suck my tongue gently as I probed every depth of her mouth and then swirled my tongue around hers - our tongues danced with each others. I pulled back to look at her face. I took her head in my hands and went in again. We locked tongues and kissed full mouth for 15 minutes or so – she was panting hard, drew my waist close to her. I looked at her slim body, modest hips and her tits poking out.

My heart started to race - she was so sexy. Her abdomen was firm and flat with little bulge. Her body appeared to me as in her mid-20s. I planted a deep kiss again on her sexy lips while holding one of her firm perky tits in my hand. I guessed it was 34C smooth and firm. My other hand reached down and slid between her crotch area, felt her light soft bush.

Then I laid on her back on the bed while I made her made comfortable in front of her mom and me. I asked if she really thought about what would work to really get her off. I started to massage her firm pussy lips in one hand and stroking her tits with another, while she was kissing me deep. She did not reply but reacted with soft moan but I spread her thighs and turned myself over her, and put my throbbing cock between her thighs.

I leaned over her and pointed my throbbing cock at her hole. She whimpered as I put pressure on her and then pushed inside. She was so tight and hot it was like my dick was on fire. I got about half way in and had to stop. Then I pushed deeper into her. I felt her hips push against mine and then I pushed one more time to get as deep as I could.

It got almost lost into her warm tight pussy and my cock lodged well into her warmth. Vg did work wonder!! After a couple of long minutes, she took control of my cock and started to moan with my each thrust as she started massaging her firm tits with her hands twitching her nips from time to time. My thrusts become faster and she was breathing heavy. With each thrust her tits responded with waves of movements.

Her mom approached to her side and started to suck on her tits while she massaged her mom’s tits with her hand. After about 20 minutes she took out my cock from her depth to suck it. I asked if her pussy juice tasted good on my cock and she said she loved the taste of a girl’s juices. At that, I ask if she liked tasting pussy or cock better. She quickly said she definitely liked sucking cocks better.

She looked over at her mom and started sucking me in great earnest. OMG! She did know how to take one on the brink through sucking cock!! Then she went down and took ball sack whole into her mouth rolling the balls inside her warm mouth, stroking the shaft all the while... Her mom got herself down to take my hard cock into her mouth.

I was so turned on by now with an urge to bury my cock into a warm comfortable hole. I told her and her mom so. I badly needed any one’s cunt now!! After a few minutes Avril said she needed a cock inside her and looked up at me and asked if I am ready. Soon I was behind her fucking her doggie style as her mom laid herself down astride to suck her tits and kissing her. I found her hands fondling mom’s boobs lying astride beneath her.

I started fucking her deeper and quite fast, wanted to make best use of my hardness before it wears out of the effect of drug!!! OMG! I had this piece of young warm pussy after a long long time. Earlier my fuckings with local call girls were mechanical, lacked emotional connection, novelty and charm! When I was about to cum, I stopped as I wanted to have her orgasms first.

However, at the end – in nearly half an hour of fuck she had three orgasms – thanks to her mom attending her boobs at the same time! When I was about to cum I asked her if I should shoot off inside her, she just moaned shoot shoot… hell… papa… into my hole, dump it there hot and whole …. Mmmmmmmmm dadadayy. She moaned as my dick swelled up and released surge after surge of my loads. I released my cum in gushes deep into her and then slowly took out my slippery cock from her pussy.

I watched Liz as she shifted her position from beneath her daughter’s tits and pushed her mouth to her cum dripping puss. Avril soon slumped on her face. I quickly moved upon Liz, rather forcefully opened her thighs, buried my still hard and cum soaked cock into her pussy in one go. It surprised her but liked it. Avril took her tits to smash them in her hands. In about fifteen minutes, I came hard, and laid there on her body, Avril got released from her mom and slumped beside us – we all naked, ravished and spent.

I woke up late in the morning and felt the room filled with heavy smell of cum, sweat and stale perfume from last night. Liz was still sleeping with her back towards me. I drew her closer. My cock lifted its head with the touch of her ass crack. Slowly I spread wide her ass cheeks, coated my cock with whipped cream finding no other lube around, that was still at side table of the bed, and took the tube to slowly pushed it a little of the cream into her ass hole. Then I pushed the head of my cock in, slowly, not to wake her up.

It went in with almost no effort … Understandably, her hole was well used as I could guess its looseness, the cream only made my entry easier. My cock was in about a half of it when she woke up and gasped. Avril also woke up. Avril help her to get her up to doggy position, I too got myself up not dislodging my cock from her hole. This helped me to fully enter my cock into her ass hole.

We remained with my cock buried deep into her ass for a while. She was squeezing her anal muscles for time to time clenching my cock as if swallowing my hard cock deep into her hole… Avril held out her ass cheeks wider so as to allow my deep penetration really well to piston fuck it. I then sped up my thrusts and Liz thrust back my action too well. Loved it so much…. I came too soon this time and my cock went completely limp and out of her hole.

I went to the bath room to clean myself and returned as Liz rushed in to cleanse herself as I could see some of my cum was seeping down along one of her thighs. Avril was now sitting on the edge of the bed. As I was getting to grab my boxer from the bed, she grabbed my waist, pulled me towards her and started sucking on my limp and spent cock. It hardly got hard before ejecting weak spurts of cum…. She whispered when I was going to visit them next!

We had good breakfast late, all rather quietly. I have to leave, they knew. Liz asked: when we will be meeting next. My short reply: whenever she and her daughter needed me – just call me. I do love Liz more so with Avril!

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