Liz And Avril: Pt 1

by Anonymous (York, England)

I am a 72 yo man and I got a call from an old friend of mine. He said that one of my college friends was living nearby my place, a two-hour drive. I contacted Liz immediately and she invited me to visit her. I said that I could meet her on next Saturday. Liz was excited and assured me of a good time. I remembered that l had dated Liz for over two years, 45 yrs back and I wished to fuck her on her 18th birthday.

As arranged, I drove up and headed for her house so that I can I can reach hers by noon. As I reached her place l parked my car in her driveway. Liz was ecstatic seeing me getting out of my car and came out to receive me with open arms, her sexy daughter behind her.

I found her still slim, boobs with little sag and her swaying ass cheeks as she led me into her living room. She had one son and a daughter, son works in another town, and her husband died 12 years back. She now lives with her daughter, Avril in her early 30s, in this modest house in this small town.

I made myself comfortable on a sofa in her living cum dining room with a glass of red wine as Liz was preparing her table for lunch sipping her wine from time to time. I asked her not to hurry. I noticed that her long dress was open in the front with deep v-neck that showed her boobs a lot and the lower part below her butt was unbuttoned.

Soon we were deep engaged in small talks of our college days and how naïve I was to become intimate with her. At that age I had little or no experience of seducing girls to bed, in fact I was somewhat clumsy, and I failed to read her mind – sexy mind – even she said her thighs were too fatty for mini-skirts etc. etc -although she loved minis popular in those days. At my dorm she was free to visit me any time she liked – often sat in front of me with thighs open – I could peek her panties between them.

We did lots of necking, petting and kissing, even in my bed but nothing moved further, maybe we both were too shy or hesitant. She never led me on…It was only on her 18th birthday that we danced at a local hall, went to my room late in the evening and we laid there feeling each other, of course with clothes on. We kissed a lot, deep kissing, our tongues lashing and crushing her modest pair of boobs with her clothes on.

I felt too hot and took off my shirt. Bare chaste but I placed a leg between her thighs with her mini pulled up a little. My knee constantly rubbing her clit, she reached some mini-orgasms but she too did not proceed far.

She asked me if I remember our first date on her 18th birthday. I mentioned that when she left for bathroom, I noticed a big wet patch in the part of my trouser that rubbed against her pussy. Ha ha! At our age now, we were recounting those incidents rather openly without shame. She came behind me, drew my head towards her breathing heavy and kissed me. I turned around and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She responded with her tongue probing between my lips and more kisses. Old fire did rekindle in both of us!!

She came in front of me sat on my thighs facing me, drew my face between her boobs, I wrapped her tight holding back of her neck. She smelled sexy and her warm body got me a hard-on. I could feel that she was braless and she was naked beneath her long dress as one of her thighs got fully exposed.

We kissed deeply and I whispered that I do remember everything l did to her. She suddenly stopped and asked me to have diner assuring that the whole day and the night were there for us to be together… We talked and talked and talk till early evening. I asked her to go to a fast-food shop for a bite at the nearby mall and then to a bar for drinks.

Avril also joined us. Avril wore a short top to revealing her deep cleavage and smooth belly, below was a pair of tights exposing her bulge just above her abdomen. When we returned it was passed 10 o’clock. I retired to the guestroom next to her bedroom. I could not sleep for being excited or the feeling of her body close to mine couple of hours ago. I felt an urge to have sex with her. I reached a hard-on, it was weak though! Took a Viagra to add to my excitement.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. Yes, I responded. OMG! Liz was standing naked at the door. I pulled myself up on the bed, she walked slowly towards my bed.

Liz sat beside me on the bed and l told her to spread her legs wide open – there a pair of shaved engorged lips with piercing, rings snuggly attached on each just below the clit hood.

I knelt between her legs as she leaned back on the head rest of the bed, I spread the lips with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down her pussy slit. I stopped every now and then and asked her if l was doing this right. Her aging pussy lips were large and protruding, fluffy, thick but soft. The attached rings added an erotic view to me. I sucked deep on them taking one at a time.

In between her fairly large shining clit was showing off. Liz said that I was her first boyfriend that she wanted me to lick her pussy but she said that she couldn't believe how good I was licking her pussy now. I started to stroke her clit with my tongue and sucking it hard and then using my teeth on her clit biting lightly to its hardness, she was writhing in pleasure.

Soon she was saying that l was making her cum and she reached a voluptuous orgasm. I got up and asked her if she wanted me to do anything more she liked because l would love to be her pussy slave. Liz kissed me, told me that she was without a man for years and she wanted me to fuck her pussy all night. I had ED problem but my cock was hardening now as I had a Viagra about half an hour back.

I got on top of her and I pushed my cock into her juice flowing cunt. It was too warm, somewhat loose but cushiony - an easy sail for my hard cock into her soft passage, and I began fucking her with steady strokes and she was holding my hips and moaning. I kept fucking her pussy deep as she wrapped her legs around my waist tight.

And when she came she gushed more fluids as I drove my cock all the way to the very end of her hole and I held my cock there and she was writhing in pleasure – she was moaning hoarsely – burn my pussy- hit it deeper, tear it dam hard. I told her to take all of my cock and her pussy belonged to me now! She experienced four climaxes but I was far from mine – thanks to Vg.

After about half an hour, I pulled out of her cunt slowly asked about her hottest fantasy. She said that she wanted me to fuck her young daughter Avril divorced about ten months back! She needed sex but has not had any man around in this small town yet. Her lesbian relation with her daughter was not enough and she needed a hard cock and a warm male-body!! It was a great surprise for me – not to be declined. I told Liz that I was willing to fuck her and asked her to invite Avril in our bed, prepared. I also asked her to bring a tube of whipped cream, if she had one, from the kitchen.

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