Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 5

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I had been living with Aunt Jean and her twins for a little over 3 months.
I had been sleeping in aunt Jean's bed every night for a couple months now leaving my clothes in my room next to her room.
We shared a bathroom that let us go to each other's bedroom as needed or wanted to.

We had not seen uncle Joe in 3 months then one Sunday morning uncle Joe drives up did not call or tell aunt Jean before that he was coming home, he just showed up.

As luck would have it on weekends, I would get an early start to feed the horses that were kept in corral and barn near house for farm work riding or pleasure riding.
Which was about an hour work at most.

I would normally start feeding around 5:30-6:am I had finish filling aunt Jean's pussy with morning dick and cum around 4:30 am then showered with aunt Jean and walking out the back door when Uncle Joe drove up around 5:20am.

I hurried back in house told aunt Jean he was here and went locked bathroom door to my room side so he would see locks being used then went out to the barn to feed.
After feeding had to go to uncle Joe's office (a utility room he made into home office).

He wanted to know about farm and how aunt Jean and kids treated me. I told him everything was great and I was happy to be there for them.
That night around 8:30 I could hear aunt Jean and uncle Joe fucking but only lasted a few minutes and noise stopped then heard aunt Jean tells him she sees nothing changed he still think of himself only.

Things got quite after she told him that he said nothing.
I woke up around 11:pm with aunt Jean's lips wrapped around my limp dick that sprang up hard as a rock soon as I woke up or maybe it was already hard when I woke up.

I whispered what are you doing are you crazy uncle Joe next door. She said don't worry about Joe he tired plus took 2 sleeping pills he dead to the world for at least 8 hours.
I moved her in the 69 position and I knew then uncle Joe filled her pussy with his cum. Uncle Joe might have a small dick but he gave huge loads of cum and I must say he may be older but he still had some good tasting cum.

As I ate aunt jean's pussy her throbbing muscles in her pussy was pushing her juices and uncle Joe's cum in my mouth and when she finally cum it pushed all his and her cum in my mouth greatest tasting cum ever.
I ate aunt Jean's pussy again and fucked her 2 times before work time me and aunt Jean even showered together like normal then I went to work.

I knew the taste of uncle Joe's cum because I use to visit and ride horses with him when he was off work but it started while he was farming that I first sucked his dick after he sucked my dick first time. Of course, that lead to anal sex after about 3rd time think it got to where we were having sex together more than he was having sex with aunt Jean.

Aunt Jean went to town to take care of business after she came home I was in the barn putting up horses when Peachie came up wanting to fuck so we went to cot room and we kissed played around some ended up 69 and there it was again another mouth full of uncle Joe's cum but flavored with Peachie's pussy this time but just as delicious.

Then I fucked her after we finished 69 and told her I knew she fucked uncle Joe of course had to tell her how I knew she fucked him and she said it was first time but his dick too small for her. I told her get used to it keep him happy so he won't get suspicious try to find out who she fucking while he is home.

Uncle Joe and I would talk at meal times and he rode fence with me on last day he was home.
Soon as we got in the wooded area, he got off his horse said let's take a break and talk.

I got off my horse and he pulled his dick out said it's been long time Bobby since you sucked my dick now it's time to catch up so I got down on my knees and sucked his dick to his balls which didn't take much but he could give one hell of a load of cum which that was the reason I suck dicks is for the cum loads. Then he sucked my dick and he said damn Bobby your dick have grown a lot since I last sucked you so I had to grab his head and force my dick down his throat he was gagging and choking but he finally got the hang of it and I fucked his face for a good while then bent him over a fallen tree and fucked his ass good after he sucked me hard. I knew he liked rough sex so I rammed his ass hard and for a good while he was like a wild man humping my dick then he gushed a load of cum like it was a water hose of cum.

Uncle Joe left to go back to work out of state at midnight but before he left he called me in his office and told me aunt Jean been telling him he need to give me a raise but with what he paying me and free room and board plus the benefits I been taking was enough pay and he started laughing then he said I am glad of the way you broke in Peachie teaching her to fuck and suck dicks but the anal sex was something else and what a great job you done on Sandra he by far is the best fuck of all.

Then he said for those two alone I am going to give you a 25% raise. If you not fucking your aunt Jean, I do wish you would include her in your sex teaching and teach her some of this good sex, you been teaching the twins.
We shook hands on the deal and told each other good bye and I told him I would try to include aunt Jean but not sure she go for it.

After uncle Joe left, I told aunt Jean what we talked about and she said great since he included me that give you more responsibility so I will give you an extra 25% raise plus expenses to take me out and to motels to fuck some times.

I thank god every day for my loving family life a guy could not ask for any better life than life on the farm.


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