Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 4

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

End of part 3 I left off with my twin cousin the boy coming back to the barn at 5 for sex.
I was so horny for his HOT ASS that I am thinking he going to be the best fuck on the farm I already knew his cum and his ass tasted good now I want to find out what it be like to put 8" of thick dick in his hot little bubble ass balls deep and unload in it.

At 5 on the dot he walked in the barn my dick was already rock hard just watching him walk up to the barn knowing he wanted my dick in his ass balls deep.
I knew it was going to take some time to work my thick dick 8" deep in his ass it was so tight I knew nothing had ever been in his ass before.
I had problems getting my whole finger in his tight little ass so I knew big problems getting my dick in but taking my time and plenty lube it could happen.

First thing I done was suck his dick again after he cum I rolled him over started eating his asshole pushing my tongue and finger in his ass he was moaning some pleasure and some pain.
Finally got one whole finger in his tight little ass licking and probing it took awhile but finally two fingers in his ass all the way I started circling fingers in his ass stretching it more then I stop licking it and broke out the Vaseline working fingers and lube deep in his ass I manage to get three fingers in his ass and pushed lot of lube in also.

With his legs hanging off the bed on his stomach I put two pillows under his stomach pushing that ass in the air. I asked Sandra if he was ready he said hell yes I want it give it to me.

His ass was still so tight first attempt failed so I had to put it at the hole again and I held my lubed up dick at the hole and pushed hard the head popped in it was like a rubber band tightened around my dick head trying to cut it off Sandra screamed saying it's to big take it out I told him to calm down and relax et use to it. I held my place there for couple minutes felt him relax ask if he ready for more he said yes I pushed couple inches in and he panicked again so I waited until he calmed down and relaxed again went couple more leaving about 1.5" out when he relaxed I started going in and out slowly working his ass.

I could feel it stretching to my dick size and he starting to moan but this time mostly pleasure then he started moving his ass to the pleasure of dick in his ass. I speeded up so did Sandra I could feel the pleasure building up in my balls heading out to fill his tight hot little ass soon as I filled his ass with cum he pushed back and got the 1.5" that was not in yet I was balls deep in that hot little ass now his ass was mine.

All three of the family had some damn good ass and they all three loved anal sex and never said no when ask for it.

Aunt Jean had to set the twins down and tell them that night time was our fuck time but if they wanted to fuck me too then day time was for them and we could fuck in the house instead of the barn.

I think I will retire from the farm when I get enough family sex.


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