Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 3

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I had been having sex with aunt Jean and her daughter Peachie for a few months.

Aunt Jean been teaching me all about sex and what women want she been using porn as visual aids and working very well I might add.
We have done almost every thing so far but we have not done any anal sex.

I will tell you aunt Jean have a very hot looking ass that I been wanting to get balls deep in forever even use to have fantasies of getting in her ass balls deep.
After moving in with aunt Jean and her twins I noticed that the twins have a similar looking ass a little smaller but just as HOT and FIRM as her ass even the twin boy's ass is HOT.

Tonight for our sex education porn CD I will pick it out it will be anal sex tape for sure.

I finished breakfast next morning went to the barn to finish cleaning stalls was at it maybe an hour when Sandra came in.
He said Bob can I ask you something? I told him he could ask me anything.

He said can I play with your dick? I said Sandra I am far behind on getting the stalls done if it wouldn't be for that I would let you do whatever you want with my dick hopefully more than play with it.
He said I promise it won't take long I just want to jack you off and watch you shoot your load.

I will tell you what come back at noon and we can play then I will skip lunch and we will play my lunch hour.

Straight up noon he walk in the barn and we went to the room with the cot.
He ask if we could get naked I said hell yes I been wanting to see him naked for awhile.

In no time we had no clothes both naked as the day we where born. I could see he was getting waxed to, not a hair on his body except his head kinda long like his sister's hair.
If he would have had tits I think he would have made a hotter girl than his sister maybe even hotter than his mom. I got an instant hard and wanted some of his hot bubble ass.

He said OMG you have a big dick even dad's dick is not that big no wonder mom moved you downstairs to keep that dick all to herself.
He started stroking my dick and I laid on the cot he got on his knees by my chest leaned over my dick stroking and said let him know when I was going to cum.

I had a perfect view of his hot bubble hairless ass and balls my dick was throbbing wanting in his ass.
I thought he was going to move his head when I said I was going to cum but he let first spurt hit him in the face and swallowed the rest. I got so excited I picked his ass up and put him in 69 position he didn't have very much dick but I sucked it anyway some times balls and all it was so exciting sucking those hairless balls I almost shot another load.

When he finish draining my cum down his throat I sucked a load from his dick swallowed every drop then set him on my face and ate that tight little hairless manpussy until he cum again.

He wanted me to get balls deep in his hot ass but lunch time was over and I had finish lunch and told him to come back to barn at 5 and I take care of that ass for him.
Can't wait to feel my thick dick slide in his hot tight manpussy to my balls and fill his manpussy with my cum.

All of uncle Joe's family treated me like head of family even aunt Jean would ask my opinion of most things before she do them.
She told me that she told uncle Joe she was going to give me a raise and not to be a liar she made my dick raise every night.


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