Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

When we left part 1 aunt Jean visited me in my bedroom upstairs but my bedroom is down hall from her twins bedrooms privacy not near as good as downstairs bedrooms.

Aunt Jean told me to knock off early tomorrow and move my things to bedroom downstairs close to her bedroom and we be able to have sex and showers together.
I was all for that. Aunt Jean gave me a BJ then she gave me a French kiss with cum in her mouth I sure did love that French kissing my dick popped right back up hard as a rock.

We fucked a few more times than she wanted to fuck doggy style and I knew within a few strokes that was the way to fuck. Next day while aunt Jean and twins in town I moved downstairs that night was the start of porn and aunt Jean's sex education classes.

It took about a week before twins found out I had moved downstairs which upset Peachie big times. She asked her mom bluntly why did you move Bob next to your bedroom downstairs.
Aunt Jean tried to explain I was there to protect them and I need to be downstairs in order to be able to protect all of us if someone breaks in.

I was in the barn next day cleaning out horse stalls and milk stalls when Peachie came in full of questions.
Why did you move downstairs next to mom's bedroom. I told her same thing her mom said.

I told her there is only 2 bedrooms downstairs and they next to each other and the one I am in is closer to the entry/exit door.
She said I think you and mom are fucking. I said if we are it is your fault you the one that get me hard and wanting to fuck so I need to dump a load in someone.

She said I am a virgin Bob don't know how to have sex but willing to learn if you will teach me. My thinking then was alright momma teach me and I teach the daughter

I told her we could not do anything in the house we might get caught and uncle Joe kill me if he finds out I am fucking his daughter. In the barn there was a little room with a cot and small ac unit uncle Joe had for when his animals were having babies or if one was sick, he sleeps in there to be close in case they needed help we decided that be our sex room.

When aunt Jean and twins went to town, she said she was going to visit her mom and get her waxing done of course I knew she was talking about waxing her pussy and lip.

Peachie asks if we can just play with each other first. I said yes, I am not going to rush you or force you to do anything you don't want to do but I will do anything to you that you want me to .
It meant nothing for Peachie or her brother Sandra to come to barn when I was cleaning stalls for 3-4 hours once a week.

I took Peachie to the bed and we locked door and both stripped naked and I almost cum looking at her HOT NAKED body looking between her legs and I was right they all got wax job not one hair in sight and her pussy looked like it never had a finger in it even much less a dick I had to wonder if my dick would fit in such a little slit.

In my sex education with aunt Jean I was up to missionary, doggy style, eating pussy and 69.
I plan to teach this little prick tease what fucking is all about right here in this barn.

I picked up Peachie laid her on the bed and I laid down beside her rubbing my dick on her.
I told her first thing is teach her to French kiss while I play with her tits and pussy.

She said she knew how to French kiss and how to stroke a dick but that was it.
She did know French kissing and was fair at stroking a dick. I ask who taught her that she said can't tell it's a secret so I left it alone. When I played with her pussy I found out she was still virgin the passage way was still blocked that made my dick throb and leak precum like a faucet thinking of busting her cherry to pieces.

She was light and easy to move around to any position I wanted I hung her legs off the bed and I ate her pussy at first she was scared then she was burning up wanting me to do it again after her first orgasm which hit her by surprise she thought she peed but then she said peeing don't feel that good. I ate her then French kissed her again and when she got taste of her pussy she went wild again so I ate her one more time.

Then I ask her what she wanted to do next she said I want to do everything you and mom do when you have sex with her. I told her I never said we have sex together did she say we have sex. She said no but I know that's why you moved down stairs and share same bathroom when we hear shower going we knock on each one of the doors and neither one answer until after show goes off. I said that means nothing not to you two but it means you two in shower fuck together.

I said no comment and got back to her pussy by this time she was soaking wet I rub the head of my dick in that bald slit she was looking and said it's not going to fit it looks bigger than my pussy. I said it will fit baby trust me relax.

I rubbed the head real good on her clit up and down her slit from asshole to clit back and forth spreading my precum and her wet juices all over her slit then ran the head in her slit to her entry it was very tight even after working my finger in her pussy I pushed she winced I stopped and told her to relax soon as I felt her relax I pushed the head in the entry she jerked and then relaxed again I ask if she was ready for some dick she said hell yes stop messing around get it over with not the fucking get all of it in over with.

I started pushing my thick dick in her little bald pussy when she wince or moan in pain I would stop and when she relax I push more in when I had about 7" in I hit bottom and it hurt so I just work that part in her out of her back in then when she was about to cum she wrapped her feet around my ass and pulled it in to the hilt.

I fucked her again that time doggystyle which turned out to be her favorite to.
Peachie was no longer a prick tease after that but between her and aunt Jean they where about to fuck me to death.
Now I need uncle Joe to come home for a week or so and give me some help.

I did talk to uncle Joe a few times on the phone and he told me that aunt Jean told him I was doing a great job way better than she thought I would be at this time she even told him I was doing a better job than him taking care of things at the farm. Then he said he be gone another month before he be coming home for a week.

I tried to get Peachie's brother Sandra to fuck her so I get some rest but he want me to fuck him too even went as far as to say if you don't give me dick I will tell dad you fucking mom and Peachie.
I told him hell Sandra you don't need to threaten me to get dick I give you all you want.

I sure didn't need uncle Joe to know I was fucking his family even though I am sure he already thinking I am.
Now the cot in the barn will be getting some bi sexual work out.


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