Living with Aunt Jean and her Twins: Part 1

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

This story goes way back to my teen years. I turned 18 just finish high school.
I needed a steady job to get away from my parents' home.

My mom's brother uncle Joe called me said he heard I was looking for a job. I told him I was and wanted to get out on my own.
Uncle Joe and aunt Jean owned a small farm about 100 acres in Louisiana and he had kids that was older than me and a couple kids my age and a couple kids younger than me.

Uncle Joe quit farming and was working for a large construction company so he was gone a lot.
Most of his grown kids had ended up taking jobs with his construction company. That left aunt Jean and a few kids working the farm.

Uncle Joe said the kids old enough to work the farm to spoiled and too lazy to do the work so aunt Jean needed a young man around to help work the farm take care of animals (horses and cows) mend fences farm hay for animals and help keep her lazy kids from taking advantage of her while he is gone months at a time.

He agrees to a salary plus room and board free. Same as getting clear money but had to live in his house.
Aunt Jean and uncle Joe had twins a girl and a boy. The girl I could see day one was going to be a little prick tease by way she dresses and flaunt her hot ass body.

The boy was more girly than his sister the way he dressed made him HOT ASS also but I had to admit aunt Jean had an ass and body men would die for.
The twin girl was called Peachie and I would say a perfect name for her. The twin boy was named Samuel but wanted to be called Sandie or Sandra not sure yet but said either one would be fine.
Lot of work to catch up on at first I worked from 6:am until dark then shower eat dinner then bed first few days.

Then aunt Jean made a work schedule out and said what don't get done today we do tomorrow.
My schedule was 8-5 with an hour lunch break at noon. My schedule started on 3rd day I lived with them that's also when the prick teasing started Peachie wear clothes 2-3 sizes too small for her. Her nipples looked like they were punching through her shirt no bra firm beauties. She had beautiful camel toes between her legs so Hot.

She could see I was getting hard looking at her she look me in the eyes and give me those come fuck me eyes. If she wasn't wearing tight clothes, she wears loose blouse with mini skirt.
Blouse has 3 top buttons loose and she set next to me on the couch leaning forward enough for me to see her whole tit or she set across from me and spread her legs to see those camel toes covered in panties. Then she started grabbing my dick through my pants if no one around asking if she made me hard or was it her mom's ass making me hard. I started when she grabs my dick I grab her pussy if she had mini skirt I would go under skirt and grab her panty covered pussy.

We started doing that a lot and I was jacking off a lot.
One night we where in the family room watching tv aunt Jean in her recliner Sandra in the other recliner Peachie and I on the couch when Peachie said she needed a pillow and laid her head in my lap her hand under her head playing with my dick.

Aunt Jean was looking and she said Peachie get your head out of Bob's lap then she said the only time you should put your head in a man's lap is when you plan to do serious business down there.
Peachie raised her head out of my lap and still had hand on my dick it was hard as a rock for all to see.

Aunt Jean told them it is time for bed we all have to get up early to catch up on work.
The twins got up and went to bed. After they in their rooms aunt Jean came over and set by me looking at my dick and said oh you poor baby did that little prick tease get you hard and leave you hanging?

I looked her in the eyes and said yes she did. Aunt Jean said let me see how hard that pillow is and laid her head in my lap. I said aunt Jean you said a woman should not put her head in a man's lap unless she was getting serious with what is down there.

Aunt Jean said follow me to my room and I will show you how serious I am between your legs.
She grabbed my hand and I followed her to her bedroom within seconds we were both naked she was on her knees licking my 8" rock hard dick from balls to the head and back again when she got it good and wet she swallowed it to the hilt my balls on her chin her nose in my pubic hair OMG I never felt anything like that before (first BJ). Within seconds I flooded her mouth she swallowed every drop.

Soon as she finished swallowing every drop, she said Bob you need to learn to control yourself if you want to fuck the same girl or woman again. She said I don't mind being used as a cum bucket if that's what you want but I need satisfaction to you are just thinking of yourself. She said when I met your uncle Joe he was same way I had to teach him how to satisfy a woman to and I be happy to teach you but one thing I can say is your Uncle Joe was never hard as you get and not even close to dick size either he is couple inches shorter and thinner than your dick. You will make one hell of a lover when I am through with you.

Then she said I need to rephrase that I never be through with you while we alive.
Aunt Jean and I fucked until daylight next morning and I left her room before others got up.

It was a very long day but after shower and a couple hours sleep aunt Jean visits me again after others went to bed. Then she said she going to move me in bedroom down stairs next to her bedroom and we be sharing same bathroom with shower to.

Be easier for my sex education from aunt Jean which started with my first BJ.
Now I still have my eyes on that hot little prick tease to I plan to give her what she is asking for too.


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