Living At the Farm . . . Yum!

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

As a young man I was also masturbating . . . I mean ALL THE TIME! What got me off the most were used panties . . . the dirtier the better! My favorite was those of my grandmother! She was still in her 60s and while not the most active woman, she got my little penis hard by just being close to her. I finally figured out that she understood my attraction to her . . . not just her love but her smells! Grandmother was seen as a hippy by those around her with her long braided hair, her hairy pits and legs along with the wonderful body odor she always gave off. Grandmother belonged to the one bath a week on Saturday night club!

I so enjoyed setting next to her with one of her arms around my shoulder pressing my nose into one of her wet, stinky, hairy armpits! I would breathe in that sexy smell trying to rub my penis without being all that caught. One evening she turned my head to give me a kiss and then told me that she knew by the cum stained on her dirty panties that I would enjoy being between her legs much more than just smelling her stinky pits!

I no sooner safely between her legs as a strong smell overtook my senses!!! I could see just a little and what I saw first was a mountain of black/grey hair . . . right in front of my face. Next I saw what looked like water of some kind; I mean it was all wet. The hair was matted, but yet somewhat open with what appeared to be a flowing stream being emitted from its core. Next I felt a hand on the back of my head which drew me into this hairy nest and I heard my grandmother telling me to lick up her juices . . . I was told to drink her down.

As I always minded her I began to lick and as I did the most wonderful taste consumed my mouth. It seemed the more I licked the more liquid I had to drink down. Lick and drink . . . lick and drink! All the time I could hear my grandmother moaning and calling out my name. “Oh yes Bobbie, lick me, lick my old pussy my dear!” She moaned!

I had no idea just how long I was licking this wonderland when I heard my Aunt Betty begin speaking to grandmother. They just talked and talked about the garden and how well the beans were growing! I lost track of their conversation it seemed but when I was able to tune back in and heard my Aunt telling my grandmother she needed to make sure she too had this kind of quality time with me . . . her little Bobbie!

Finally grandmother lifted her dress and told me it was safe for me to come back out. I remember how wet my face was and oh my . . . oh how I smelled like old fish! Grandmother pulled me to her and gave me the biggest kiss . . . tongue and all! “Bobbie,” she spoke, “I love you so much and I am so happy you could hide under my dress like your own little hiding spot! You sweetheart are always welcome to hide between my legs anytime you need to or so desire to my love!”

Grandmother told me I should hit the outhouse before dinner. As I approached our outhouse Uncle Tom was just coming out. He held the door open for me and told me to just go on in! I pulled my jeans down and stood there doing my pee. All the time Uncle Tom kept speaking to me talking asking me if I had ever touched another man’s cock? When I turned around he had his cock pulled out of his pants showing it to me. “See Bobbie,” he said, “Go ahead grab ahold of it and see how it feels . . . go ahead it won’t bite you!” So again minding as I always did I put my hand out and took ahold of his cock. It was so big I actually had to use my other hand too so I could hold all the way around it!

“Wow,” I yelled, “This is so big and it is getting wet kind of like grandmother was!”

“Don’t yell so loud,” he told me, “Just hold him and if you want lick the wetness off his head . . . oh yes lick him real good please. You can put him in my mouth if you want that way you can just drink down my juices too like your grandmother told you to!” I again followed my instructions and tried to get his cock into my mouth . . . but it was so big and it just kept getting bigger! But I was able to get the head into my mouth and sure enough he began giving me a liquid river like that of grandmother except this time it tasted creamier than fish!

Back in the house we all sat around the table eating dinner. I loved my grandmother’s cooking and beside a great supper we always had many kinds of dessert! After supper I always helped clean up the table and help with the washing and drying the dishes just like I was taught. After we watched TV for a while it was time for baths. First Aunt Betty went to take her. Then I heard her call for me to come and take my turn. As I entered the bathroom, she stopped drying off as she told me strip off my t-shirt, jeans and underwear. I climbed into the bathtub and kept looking at my aunt! Wow she was hairy like grandmother except her pussy hair and arm pit hair was blond. When she turned and bent over the dry her feet all I could was her brown butthole! WOW what a sight so brown AND so right in my face!

“Well Bobbie,” She finally spoke, “I’m all done. Let me help you get washed so Sue, that would be my grandmother, can get her bath taken too.” Wash me she sure did! First my hair then my back and next she told me to stand up and turn around. I felt her push some fingers between my butt cheeks sliding over and finally into my butthole! I thought for sure I would be clean if she would just check but Aunt Betty kept sliding her fingers in and out of my butthole too! Finally she told me to turn around again and this time she soaped up her hand and began rubbing all around my penis and my balls! Around and around she went until she finally stopped and started pulling on my penis. It really was more like a jerking off which I knew oh so well than a pulling but in and out she ran her fingers making me very hard with her fingers!

Finally I was all ready for bed and crawled in pulling the sheets up to my chin! It was almost morning as I could hear the roster begin to crow when I felt someone get into bed with me. I felt them begin to push on the top of me head and direct me under the sheet. Between legs I went again but this time I didn’t smell any fish, I could only smell something like a fart! With my head being pushed further I soon found that I was against what had to be a butthole!!!! I sniffed a few time and then I was told to lick . . . lick it good! So I started licking and wow did it taste different!

Sure I had smelled my farts many times but this was so very strong. Strangely enough it also seemed like there was something smeared around it and onto the butt cheeks so I had so much to lick up as it appeared! I could hear moaning and began to feel some humping against my face as I was still pulled against this butthole! Finally it all stopped the same way it had begun and I was once again left alone in my bed. I never saw who it was that had me lick their asshole clean for them . . . all I could remember was the smell of perfume on the pillow next to mine! When I got up and went into the kitchen and grandmother called me over. She spit onto her hanky wiping around my nose, mouth and cheeks saying I had something brown on my face!

I so enjoyed my time on the farm. It was great not to be in school anymore and to just be able to be there getting to do my chores and help around outside and especially inside the farm house! I loved every time we did the laundry as I got to once again handle the nasty panties from grandmother and my aunt if she was staying with us too! They would let me put in the wash by myself, I guess so I could smell their nasty panties and even lick them before washing them all clean once again.

Grandmother and my aunt both started having me sleep in their beds each night so I could smell their smells and lick their stinky pussies and nasty buttholes! In exchange they would rub my little penis until I would push out my little cum while also pumping their fingering into my tight little butthole. I so enjoyed seeing their hairy armpits and legs every day around the house and especially when we would go into town. I could see the other people checking their sexy hairy bodies everywhere we went.

Both of these beautiful women would also make a game out of lifting their dresses and dropping a squat to take a piss when we were outside working in the garden or in the fields. I too enjoyed pulling down my jeans and letting my pee flow from my little penis seeing them watching me in exchange!

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