Listening To My Mom Getting Fucked

by Anonymous

When I was eighteen my mom met Jason. I met him maybe a few times in person. After that, I only heard his name as my mom would make me stay somewhere else when Jason was coming over. I was oblivious to what was going on until one of my mom’s friend and our neighbor informed me that when Jason comes over, they fuck. She clarified they didn’t make love or have sex. Instead she was very blunt that mom wants to be fucked and Jason can fuck her hard all night. When she told me this she was drinking so I wondered if she was joking or exaggerating.

I confided in my best friend Stan what was said about my mom and Jason. My mother was extremely attractive and had an amazing athletic figure. Since maybe a year after puberty, I caught myself looking at her when she was in our pool. Stan wanted to fuck her, which I couldn’t blame him. Once he found out about Jason, he wanted us to go over and listen to them fucking. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but I was more worried about getting caught.

Jason began thinking of ways to listen to her. He wanted to place a cassette recorder in her bedroom, but we knew it would stop before he got there and it made a loud noise when stopping. He kept thinking and finally had me unlock her bedroom window. Stan drove over to the back of a business not far from our house. He had on a hoodie, which looked kind of obvious as it was warm outside, but it was dark. He went through a few backyards and made it to her window. The lights were off, but he claimed he could faintly hear them.

With a pocketknife he pried the screen locks and pulled it down. He reached up and pushed the window up a few inches. Then he set record. For half an hour he recorded and listened to them. When he left, I was waiting at his house. There we sat in his driveway in his truck listening to the recording. It was faint, but you could make out a few words now and then. He claimed it was better in person.

Jason was determined to try again. At the high school he found the library had better recorders and microphones. After talking with the librarian about the equipment and how to use it, we broke into the high school one night and took the equipment. Jason was coming over Saturday night and we took it on Friday night. This time I borrowed a friends car and dropped off Stan by my house. We had a ladder laying near her window. Stan set up everything then removed the screen and pushed up the window. Feeling brave, he pushed the microphone in past the shade. We later measured he was maybe four feet from where they were. The sound quality was amazing.

We listened to it several times that night then broke back into the high school and replaced everything. I kept the recording in my bedroom. A few years had passed and I hadn’t listened to the recording. Stan was over and unbeknownst to me, he got the recording and wrote on the label, ‘mom getting fucked by Jason’. He also put it in my nightstand. Since I was away at school, I wasn’t there to realize this. Stan stopped by when my mom was home and told her he had to put something back in my nightstand. Knowing she would be curious and find it, which she did. Even when I returned home, I didn’t realize the cassette was in my nightstand.

After I graduated, I got a job and was going to move my stuff to my new place. Not realizing it was in the nightstand, she opened it when we were in my room, pulled it out and held it up while announcing not to forget this. Puzzled I looked at it and about died. I didn’t even think that it was in the wrong place, but figured she found it and put it in there. I couldn’t say a word, when she put it in the box I was holding. She continued packing and didn’t say a word. The rest of the day I was sick to my stomach. Mom followed me as we drove to my place and she helped me put away things. When she got to the recording, she asked where should she put it. With my head hung low, I grabbed it and threw it in a drawer.

Mom went and bought a pizza and bought some beer. We were drinking beer and eating while sitting on the balcony. Out of nowhere, she asked where I got the recording. Instead of lying or making up some story, I told her the truth. She told me that Stan brought it back several years ago. I was puzzled by that and realized that he set me up. We talked and drank while she confessed that she hooked up with Jason at a bar. He was happily married with three young kids, but his wife was vanilla in bed and he said mom was the best sex of his life, so they kept hooking up.

Mom began describing her sexual desires. When I asked her to stop, she refused and said I must get off listening to her, which I did. She told me that Jason could walk into her house limp and she would blow him to get it hard and he could maintain that erection for hours. She loved getting pounded when on her back and doggystyle. She loved straddling him and letting him watch her plump tits bounce up and down. She also said she enjoyed being naughty. When Jason finally was ready to cum, she enjoyed having him shoot it on her tits or face. That is when she informed me she isn’t on birth control and hopes Jason doesn’t cum inside of her. I also discovered mom likes it up the ass and when getting it from behind, she sometimes uses a vibrator and squirts due to the excitement. She felt the freedom to tell me every secret she had.

When we checked the time it was after eleven. She was going to leave, but I asked her to stay as she had been drinking and it was late. I only had one bed and told her I would sleep on the couch. She asked for a t-shirt to wear. That is when I discovered she loved sleeping at night wearing one of my t-shirts. If that wasn’t enough, she also admitted she slept nude underneath. I gave her a shirt and was at the bedroom door telling her good night when she asked me to lay down with her and talk until she falls asleep. I laid on top of the covers, but she had me strip down to my underwear and get in bed.

Our faces were less than a foot apart as she kept talking about her sex life. That is when she told me she had a major confession that she worried might freak me out. When I said there is nothing left to say that would freak me out, she decided to make me guess. I guessed that she had been with another woman, which she said she hadn’t, but would be willing to try. She added that she loved it when Jason fucked his wife, didn’t clean off his cock and she would suck it when he got to her house. I made a few other guesses but all were wrong.

She finally had me reach over to turn on the light. She was wiggling around when I tried to reach over. I turned on the light and laid down by her. She had the sheet up to her neck. When I asked again what it was, she pulled the sheet down enough to get her arms out as she reached out for my hands. I noticed that I couldn’t see her shirt. It was puzzling, so I asked where was her shirt.

She said, “I took it off and now I am nude.” Shocked again, she continued, “I need to be honest with you, I love wearing your shirts when I sleep.” I interrupted to remind her she must not as she just took it off. She continued, “I know, but I love wearing your shirts. My nude body against your shirt makes me feel good. What I like even better is when you come home and wear those shirts and I know that I was just nude the night before in that shirt you have on. It makes me feel like I am next to you.”

At that moment, she looked at me and said, “I hope you don’t get mad, but I have dreamed about having sex with you.” I couldn’t resist and joked, “do you mean fucking you?” She moved next to me and said, “I would like to fuck, but I really want to make love with you.”

There was a pause. She went on, “I hope I haven’t freaked you out, but I am in love with you. I know that is wrong and shouldn’t be the case, but if I could only be with one person for the rest of my life it would be you.”

I was very nervous and felt like I had to make a joke, so I said, “except when Jason is around.” “No honey, for the first time in my life, I am in love and would be faithful to you.” Still wanting to make a joke, I said, “what if I wanted another woman with us?” She said, “I would do whatever pleased you. It doesn’t matter what you want,I would do anything for you.”

None of this was absorbing in my head. The only way I was able to deal with it was by making a joke. She laid her head on my chest as she was still holding my hand. There was a few minutes of silence. She asked, “did I freak you out?” I replied simply with a “no.” She pushed away from me and leaned up on her side. Her magnificent breasts were on display.

“I love you very much, but I understand if you think this is wrong or you are not interested. I hope we can put this behind us and continue as normal as we can. I’m sorry.” She said. I was simply looking at her tits and finally commented that she had amazing tits. Mom pulled the covers back exposing her nude body as she lifted one leg to spread her pussy. She ran her hand over her leg up her side, over her breasts and said this can all be yours.

I reached out for her. She moved over and laid down on top of me. She kissed me. We began kissing more and more. She reached down and felt my cock then sat up straddling me and pulled my underwear down just enough to expose my cock. She lifted up, positioning my cock and slowly slide it in. She placed my hands on her breasts then tilted her head back as she began riding me. It was soft and gentle. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as we made love. I was about to cum and told her to get off, but she said, “I want you to cum inside me.” As soon as those words left her mouth, I began to cum. She moaned and called out she could feel me inside of her. When I was done, I looked at her and said, “I love you!”

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