Listening to Mom

by Michelle (Tennessee)

My name is Michelle I am 21 college student. My mom Paula who is 55 just got married to my step dad a few years ago. He is 43. My mom is very sexy at 55 she and I have same size tits we are both 48dds mom has a great ass as do I. I guess she’s who I get my body from. Mom and I are very close she has told that she and dad have a domestic discipline relationship he spanks her.

She calls him sir she also has told me how big his cock is. As mom explained it to me his cock is 10 inches long and thick as her arm. I have not been home much from college maybe a night or two. But this time I was home for a month or longer due to the virus. Being home I learned my dad runs a strict home mom and myself call him sir. I learned that mom wears sexy lingerie while at home. He where my story begins, I will try to keep it short.

It was a Friday night the 3 of us were watching tv just being lazy mom was dressed in a very sexy short teddy with nothing under it. I always had thoughts of having sex with my mom as I look at her body her big tits barely covered in the thin fabric my eyes went down to her pussy to my surprise my mom's pussy was completely smooth, I thought only girls my age did that my pussy instantly got wet.

My dad only had on a shirt and boxers I never noticed the bulge until tonight mom was right he had to be huge. I told them I was going to bed. I go into my room my pussy was on fire I get out my dildo and take care of it trying to be quiet so they would not hear. I fucked myself to sleep.

A few hours later I am awoken by my mom who is counting 3 sir it took me a minute to figure out my dad was spanking her with his belt. Now I am fully aware after mom gets to 20 counts. I hear my dad tell mom he was going to fuck now for her to lay on the bed their room was right next to mine I could hear everything.

He tells mom spread your pussy lips and watch as I fuck you mom just says yes sir. My pussy was now even wetter than before knowing my mom was about to be fucked. I hear my mom gasp as dad slides into her. My dad started to pound into mom their head board started to slam my wall as mom started screaming fuck me daddy oh god fuck my pussy take it.

I could hear him slamming into her. By this time, I was so fucking wet I grab my dildo spread my legs wide and started to pound my own pussy in rhythm with my mom screaming. I thought how big he must be how her pussy was taken all of it. I fucked myself even harder. I hear dad tell mom to turn over. I knew now he had her doggy style as my mom says pull my hair sir and fuck me. By now I am working my own pussy vigorously.

I was close to cumming when I hear mom screaming can my pussy cum sir please can I cum. My dad smacks her ass and says yes squirt on my cock. I thought omg my mom is a squirter I hear her cumming as my own pussy was ready to explode. It had been about 30 mins since they started, I was trying to hold my cum in till the end.

Finally, I hear my dad ask mom if she wanted cum in her pussy mom screams yes omg yes sir fill your pussy up. In one final thrust I hear dad moaning as I knew he was fillings mom's pussy. My pussy started to twitch as I exploded all over my bed I must have squirted across the room. As I lay there catching my breath I hear dad say I want you to leave my cum in your pussy young lady all night and tomorrow while I work. I fall asleep naked and exhausted.

The next morning, I hear moms phone ring as I lay in bed, mom answered it hello sir. I hear her telling him how sore her pussy is. Then she says your cum is in my pussy sir. My mom and I have a whole day of shopping planned for today. Can’t wait to tell her what I heard. More to come.

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