Life and Falling in Love

by Clarrisa (WA)

“I told my mom,” Jill announced.

She had gone over to Diane’s house and they were sitting in the kitchen together.

“Oh?’ Diane questioned cautiously with raised eyebrows.

“Mm.” Jill intoned.

“Was she … shocked?”

“No …” Jill answered slowly. “She was surprised, but I wouldn’t say that she was shocked. I told her how you and I were … well, involved.” She rolled her blue eyes over the term and how trite it was. “Like I said … she was surprised. But not shocked. Not exactly. I just told her how you and I just sort of hit off, and how we were both surprised, and how this has been going on for the last couple of months. And … basically how you and I were having an affair.”

“Was she angry or upset?”

Jill frowned. “No. It was more like she just didn’t know what to quite think. I told her that I didn’t feel like a lesbian, and that you weren’t one. That it was not like that. That it was more like …” Jill searched for the right word.

“Bisexual?” Diane said, supplying a substitute.

“Yes. Just that we enjoyed each other in a female way, and that we were friends.”

“And she wasn’t upset?”

“No. Not really. In fact, she was accepting of the idea … more or less. She did ask me if Scott knew.” Scott was of course Diane’s son. Jill and he had been dating, which was how Jill had gotten to know Diane, his mom. “I said that I hadn’t told him yet, and she said that maybe I had better.”

“Yes,” Diane agreed. “I am going t talk to him ..tell him. Maybe it’s better that I do that before you do. Try to explain things to him.”

“All right, if you think so.” Jill cringed just a little. “I’m not looking forward to telling.” She sighed. “It’s so complicated, isn’t it?”

“Yes and no,” Dina responded, being quite practical about the matter. “We like each other. That’s simple. But I’m afraid it’s others who make it complicated. And we can’t just discount them.”

“No,” Jill agreed, knowing that this was true.

Diane smiled. “Why don’t you and I go have a snuggled?”

Jill smiled back. “I would like that.”

They went into the bedroom and slipped out of their clothes and then slipped nakedly into each other’s and kissed. It felt so deliciously wonderful doing that together as women. Jill had just graduated and turned eighteen and had graduated at the beginning of that summer.

She was tall and blonde and trim and very athletic. She had been a cheerleader and had done very well in school. She had always been one of those so-called “popular girls.” Diane was forty-two, trim and a very attractive brunette. Like Jill’s mom, she was divorced, too. And like Jill, they both had full breasts which squeezed together as they embraced.

Their lips came softly and warmly together and a feeling of love flowed between them.

They went to lie on the bed together and they made love.

It was two days later when Jill found herself back in Diane’s kitchen that morning.

“Well … I told Scott,” Dian said.

Jill was hesitant. ‘How did he take it?”

“Um … not well.”

“Oh, dear. I was sort of afraid of that.”

“Yes. Well, he accused me of being a lesbian … of stealing his girlfriend and a lot of other very unkind things. “

Jill sighed heavily. She had been hoping for better than that, but there was. “I’m sorry.”

“So am I. Scott is moving out. He said that he couldn’t live with a lesbian mother. He packed some things and left.”

“At least my mom took it better.”

“Your mom may have had a few bisexual experiences. That would certainly make her more prone to being understanding.”

“My mom?” Jill echoed, surprised. She could not really think of her mom doing that, of being bisexual with another woman. Certainly this was something which had not occurred to her.

Diane smiled in a knowing sort of way. “It does happen … as you and I well know.”

“Yes. I suppose that it does,” Jill was forced to agree.

As they sat at the table, each with a mug of coffee, Diane licked her lips. “You know … I mentioned being offered a job out n California.”

“Yes,” Jill said, remembering.

“What I was thinking was … what if I accepted that job and moved out there?”

“You mean … move away?” Jill was stunned.

“Well, I would move out there, of course. But what I was thinking was that you could move out there with me. We could live together. Just do it openly.”

“Oh,” Jill said, realizing.

“I know that this is something that we probably wouldn’t have done. At least not this soon or so suddenly. But with the way that things are … maybe it would be good. We wouldn’t be so … I don’t know … inhibited?”

“Oh, Diane,” Jill said. Her large blue eyes met Diane’s dark brown eyes. “Is it permissible to say that I love you?”

Diane smiled. “Yes. I would think that is very permissible. And I love you, too.”

Suddenly it didn’t matter if they were bisexual or lesbians. Those were only labels of no consequence. They really did not matter.

They leaned over the table and shared a small affectionate kiss on the lips.

Diane grinned. Being quite deliberately and teasingly audacious she said, “Should we celebrate and go into the bedroom and fuck?”

“Oh, yes,” Jill said with a smile. “Let’s definitely fuck.”

Jill never thought that she would saying this to another female, and Diane certainly never thought that she would be saying this to a young attractive women who was less than half her age. But then age hardly mattered. They were very much in love.

For the reader –
This story is very much based on a true one, my own. I fell in love with my then boyfriend’s mom, who was older. That was twelve years ago. We lived openly together and have now been happily married for the last six years.

Sorry, I know – not a lot of sex. Just romance. I’ll do better on my next story I promise!

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