Lewd Woman

by Ralph (Pueblo, Co.. U.S.)

Except for minors and bodily-harm, the red-haired, 32-y/o Adelle was interested in anything verbally degrading, kinky and physically abusive, to the point that Kevin, her handsome, white, sexist and 30-y/o husband, often said she was 'notorious.'

Throughout his 3-year marriage, though, he'd cultivated her decadence, as she proved one August, Saturday night: - After work the previous evening, Kevin had taken his car to a mechanic's shop.

Upon walking in, he heard strange noises issuing from the rear office.

Curious, he proceeded into the room where he found the white Jethro and Graham using their laptop to watch a Guttermouths video featuring Tyla Wynn.

'Oh, sorry!' Graham apologized.

'I'm not here to embarrass you,' the husband replied.

'Okay. Listen to this,' the cute 20-y/o Jethro grinned as he turned the volume up before the star said, 'Even my dog fucks me better than you!' - and a bit later - 'Won't you piss in my mouth?'

'That's perverted!' Jethro exclaimed.

'Really!' Graham, an attractive 22-year-old, said.

'Would it surprise you to know that Adelle, my wife's into golden-showers and bestiality?' Kevin asked.

'Are you serious?' Graham responded,

'Yeah, I am. By the way, I'm Kevin.'

'I'm Jethro and this is Graham,' the former introduced the youngsters, then: - 'Is there a chance we could meet her?'

'First, I should mention that you can punish her and call her the worst possible names tomorrow night at 8. My address is 564 Washington Street,' Kevin said.

At 7:50, however, he told his wife to get naked, sit on the living room couch and masturbate with a toilet plunger's handle.

'Yes, sir,' - and she was obeying when Graham and Jethro came into the room.

'Guess you can't wait for the real thing – huh, bitch?' Jethro asked.

'She's an eager-beaver, man!' Graham remarked.

'That's because she's a lewd woman!' Jethro sneered.

'Right, and she'll show you how lewd she is,' the husband said, followed by him going to the backyard and returning with Royal, his crop-tailed dog.

Next, he drew the plunger handle from Adelle's snatch, then ordered. 'Fall to your knees and lick Royal's ass!'

'Yes, sir!' she squealed while starting to rim the canine.

'God!' Jethro erupted.

'I can't believe she's doing that!' Graham snorted, then: - 'Kiss that boy's ass, mongrel!'

'Yes, I'm a mongrel!' she deprecated herself as she crawled under Royal, fastened her lips to his pizzle-sheath and began nursing it.

'That's disgusting!' Graham yelled.

'Uh-hmmm!' she nodded while displaying the dog's 7-inched boner to the mechanics.

Having done that, she sucked it until she pulled her mouth off Royal's dick and aimed his wad at her firm, medium-sized boobs, after which Kevin removed a tissue from a box next to the couch, handed it to her and instructed, 'Wipe your tits.'

'Yes, sir,' she responded while Graham, Kevin and Jethro stripped.

'You're the world's lowest beast!' Jethro growled before swinging his thick, 12-inched cock against her pretty face.

'Yes, sir!' she moaned as he sat on the couch and she started servicing his penis.

'That's it, you dirty slut!' he grunted.

'Is she giving you some good head?' Graham asked.

'She needs more practice,' Jethro chuckled as he transferred Adelle's mouth to Graham's also-thick, 11-inched phallus.

'I'm gonna' destroy that filthy hole, whore!' he shouted.

'You cruel bastard!' Kevin smiled.

Nevertheless, Graham fulfilled his promise until he stood, circled behind the slattern, inserted his rod in her bowels and ejaculated.

'Do you like that, skank?' he bellowed.

'Yes, sir!' Adelle had scarcely answered when Jethro stood, thrust his pecker into her anus and emptied his balls in it.

'Fuck her!' he then urged the husband who swiveled her toward him, drilled his 10-inched tool into her vag and started pounding her.

'I'm cumming!' she wailed, though Kevin didn't stop hammering her until he unloaded in her muff.

'Okay, Adelle's a restroom,' he said.

'You mean she's a toilet, don't you?' Graham smirked.

'That right,' Kevin replied, then deposited her to her back on the floor, followed by the studs pissing in her mouth.

'Thank you, sirs,' Adelle murmured while feeling disappointed about Jethro and Graham dressing before they left.

Though she didn't realize it, however, she ought to've thanked a dirty porn-star for initiating what happened that night.

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