Letting my Dad Finger me

by Cody Lane (IA)

My name is Jessica jessie for short my mom had just recently divorced dad she had moved on so I decided to come home early for winter break to make sure my dad was ok daddy picked me up from the airport and just in time a big storm was starting our house was up in the mountains secluded from any neighbors about 2hours away from the closest town I was wearing my usual low cut shirts to show off my amazing 32c breast something I didn't get from mom dad had the car super warm for me so I immediately took my coat off a climbed in the car and kissed daddy on the mouth something we always did but mom hated it so as I'm getting comfortable and getting my seat belt on I notice daddy looking down at my cleavage can't blame him it did look pretty great in my low cut silk blouse.

Daddy then heads home as he proceeds to ask how school is I let out a big sigh and say well it's not easy he just smiled and said well freshman year in college is always the hardest he said spent my freshman year just trying to get familiar with it all and my senior year trying screw every pretty girl on campus he then apologized for being so open and I said it's ok daddy I like to hear about your college days before mom ruined everything he just smiled a little and said don't be so hard on your mother I was angry at her after all their divorce was her fault dad and I surprised her one day with dinner at work she's a corporate lawyer and was working alot so we thought we'd bring her dinner as we walked in to her private office she apparently was already eating.

She had her mouth stuffed with her Male secretaries cock she did even stop she just glanced at us and kept letting him ram his cock down her throat so dad filed for divorce the next day we were getting to our private road that lead up to our house when dad said r u cold I looked at him and said really daddy ur roasting me as I unclipped my seat belt my dad was a handsome man for 48 he said what r u doing I told him I'm going to change my shirt I reached back to my bags I had thrown in the back seat and grabbed my favorite worn out white shirt I took my blouse off and sighed with relief as I felt myself cooling down I then unsnapped my bra with one hand as I held it to my chest with my other hand my daddy was trying to stay focused on the dirt road.

It had begun to snow alot he said hurry up you might catch a cold I then let my bra drop to put my t shirt on as I pulled it over my head I caught him looking at my breast I loved my daddy and i often masturbated when I heard him fucking mom I always wondered what it would feel like to have his big cock ramming my tight shaved pussy I immediately felt a wave of warmth flood my body from my head down to my nipples making them hard and the down to my pussy I could feel it getting moist I knew that by the time we got home my panties would be soaked so I acted like my t shirt got stuck on my ear ring so that daddy could get a longer look I then put my shirt on all the way I looked over at daddy and said much better he was looking at the road ahead and I noticed the bulge in his pants he all of a sudden he was looking a little flushed.

I asked him if he was ok and he said yes put your seatbelt on this snow is just making me nervous it coming down alot harder than I expected I gotta get us home i leaned over and hugged him and kissed his cheek and slowly slid my hand down to his bulge he jumped and said what r u doing and I said daddy did u like looking at my young firm nipples he was so surprised he pushed on the gas and we slid a little I told him just relax daddy it's ok if u did I like to make u happy and I'm hoping u liked what u seen I then began to rub his cock and it got rock hard so quickly I heard a little moan come from him and he said daddy loves u but this isn't ok i told him but it is ok because we love each other and your cock is telling me u like it as much as I do he relaxed a little I told him don't worry daddy I won't tell anyone as long as u promise to touch my pussy and feel how wet u have it.

I continued to rub my hand over his cock I them asked him daddy can I take it out and taste it he said r u sure u want to do that once that happens there is no going back to normal I then said. normal is over rated daddy and I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants he the pulled over into our driveway and put the car in park just as he did that his big long thick cock popped out of his pants as if it was waiting for me and happy to see me I then leaned closer and said daddy can u kiss me he said of course anything for my baby girl he then said I have a confession now that I know u want this too i said tell me please as i continued to massage his cock up and down it was getting so swollen and a little bead of precum ran down his cock and onto my hand.

So i began rubbing the head of his cock he then started to tell me his confession he said when u were younger and u started developing I would walk into room to check on u and I would try to get a glimpse of your gorgeous breast or your ripe little pussy i then would go fuck your mom and imagine it was your tight little pussy I was deep inside alot of nights your mom worked late and I masturbated to the thought of your soft smooth lips kissing the tip of my cock and me rubbing the head of my cock all over your little pink pussy and I imagined cumming all over it because cause I didn't want to put it in u and hurt u as he told me this I could feel my pussy throbbing so I reached down pulled his cock into my mouth.

He moaned and guided my head gently up and down I could feel his cum building up as I swallowed whatever did make its way out I wanted every ounce of his hot cum down my throat but then he stopped me and said let's save that for your tight little pussy ok baby he then told me to lay back in my seat and told me takes your pants off I did as I was told he then took my shirt off and said I want u to put your leg closest to the door on the dash board and spread them open let daddy see your pretty little pink pussy so I did what he asked and he leaned in and licked his lips and said I know what Im having for breakfast he then started to run his hand over my breast and began to pull on my nipples I turned them towards him and he started rubbing on them.

While running his hand down to my wet pussy he rubbed my clit through my panties and I felt like i would explode with pleasure he then pulled my panties aside and opened my pussy lips and began rubbing my clit between his thumb and his index finger he asked me is daddy making u feel good and I moaned and answer yes he then said can daddy put his fingers inside his baby girls tight little pussy I answered yes please please fuck me with your big fingers he then moved down and slide his .middle finger into my pussy hole it felt so good as he moved it slowly in and out he then filled me with two fingers this made my body react I start thrusting my hips every time he pushed his fingers in he then took them and put his fingers in my mouth I licked all of my juices off and he then put them back in my pussy and pulled them out again an licked them.

He said just like I imagined ur pussy taste so sweet he then put his fingers in my pussy and slowly moved them back to my asshole he rubbed my juices on the rim an slowly put his middle finger in the tip of my ass this sent waves of pleasure to my pussy and through out my body he then finger fucked my ass and pussy taking turns on them both as he sucked and lick my nipples like a nursing baby I felt my body getting ready to explode all over his leather seats I told him I was about to cum and begged please daddy fuck me with your cock or let me. cum all over your fingers he said we'll fuck inside I want to fuck u were I use to fuck u mom it should of always been u in my bed I reached over grabbed his cock and start pumping if fast he started fingering my pussy faster and deeper while rubbing my clit with his thumb I was moaning so loud but I didn't care.

We were completely isolated he started moaning too his cock was about to shoot as well never had I ever been this soaked i moaned louder and told him to finger me faster and he did I then felt the most amazing orgasm it paralyzes my body but my pussy kept squirt hot pussy juice all over the dash board and all over daddy's fingers he then exploded as well all over my hand and onto the steering wheel he layed on my shoulder and kissed it his finger still in my throbbing pussy and said this is now daddy pussy ok I whispered yes daddy your little girls pussy belongs to u I just wish u would of did this sooner I love u daddy when r u going to fuck me with your big cock he said we have plenty of time daddy wants to taste your pussy too he carried me inside laid me on the couch and started sucking my clit he said r u ready for daddy's big cock daddy is going to put it all in ok I spread my legs wider and said yes daddy fuck my pussy please part 2 up next.

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