Lesbian Girls with a Z

by Wendy (MS)

“You are such a lez,” Bridget teased.

“No more than you are,” Dee said back with a playful smirk.

She had gone over to her friend’s apartment that afternoon, and the two of them as friend’s had wasted no time in getting out of their clothes to be naked together. They had held one another and kissed fully and warmly on the lips.

Then in enjoyment of the moment Bridget had teased her friend over her naked enthusiasm.

After retorting back, Dee rolled her large brown eyes. “I think that we are becoming lesbians.”

“Well …” Bridget responded innocently, “what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, I suppose. It’s just that … well, it seems more serious than just being bisexual girlfriends.”

“We can just be bisexual girlfriends,” Bridget said. “We don’t have to call ourselves lesbians. There’s no law that say that we have to.” She laughed. “We can be lesbians with a Z.”

Bridget reached her and down to slip it between her friend’s legs, goosing her vulva.

“Ooo!” Dee squealed. “You are a lesbian!”

“Good. Then let’s fuck.”

They fell together onto the bed and Immediately Dee felt Bridget’s wet tongue licking her clitoris.

“Ohhh …” Dee breathed, putting her hands on both sides of Bridget’s blonde head and held her legs apart. Again and again, she felt Bridget’s tongue licking over the smooth pink erection of her clit assuring her arousal. “Oh, Go, Brig!”

Bridget then moved her tongue down to lick over the brunette’s vaginal opening, tasting her wetness and flavor. After satisfying herself of this, she clamped her mouth down over Dee’s pussy and sucked on her.

Dee was sent into spasms of excitement.

She always felt so naked and sexual when Bridget was mouthing her like this. More so even than when a guy was putting his boner into her slit. She had never had more exciting sex.

Somehow managing to push Bridget away Dee said, “Let me lick your pussy.”

Bridget moaned as she felt Dee’s oral indulgence working on her, and felt Dee’s fingers push up into her wet vagina. “Oh, God! I loved being fucked by you like this, Dee!” And then, without even planning to, Bridget was having an orgasm.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” she panted over and over as her clit exploded in Dee’s mouth.

Bridget’s slender naked body was wracked by spasms of pleasure. Her small tits jiggled and she could only gasp. The waves of her sexual release went through her body right down to her bare toes.

“Oh, shit, Dee! I can’t stand it!”

Dee continued to mouth her friend as the wetness squirted from her vagina and Dee loved it. Oh, God! Her friend was coming in her mouth and she loved it!

After a tortured moment Bridget sighed heavily.

Dee pulled her mouth away and grinned at her friend’s sexual excess.

Barely recovered. Bridget struggled to resume licking Dee’s clit to provide what had just been so deliciously inflicted upon her.

The brunette’s sexual arousal was just as air-trigger as Bridget’s had been and suddenly, she was climaxing wildly.

“Oh, God, Brig!” Dee choked. “Oh, Gd! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

As much as she was calling this out, she could have been in the Vatican praying for salvation as Bridget licked her tongue over her female alter of excitement. This was only added to as Bridget finger-fucked her pussy with abandonment.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Dee cried out as everything that was happening between her legs spread throughout her lithe naked body.

And then with the same relief that Bridget now felt, Dee’s orgasm relented.

They lay naked side by side together on the bed with a pleasant and well earned exhaustion.

“Oh, Bridget … what will become of us?” Dee questioned breathlessly.

Bridget smiled. “We’ll become two old lesbians. But first I think we had better start living together in order for us to do that.”

Dee looked at her. “Do you want to? Do you want t live together?”

“We can live together as lesbians and love every moment of it.”

She kissed her friend wetly and romantically on the mouth and Dee kissed her back.

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