Lesbian Action With My Cousin

by Ashley Simmons (Connecticut)

When me and my cousin were around 18, we used to play a lot of make believe games. After a while, I started getting sexually frustrated so I began getting really attracted to her, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body and lips...

So, I told her if we could kiss during one of our make believe games, she was hesitant but then she agreed. She laid of the bed and I kissed her on the lips and it was the best thing ever. I wanted more.

Later on we kept doing it, this went on for years. We practiced kissing together on apps and YouTube videos. I loved the taste of her mouth and the way our tongues would be all over each other.

The way I felt her body, mainly her still growing breasts as we French kissed on our beds. During this time, we watched a lot of lesbian porn videos so we saw a lot of girls eating each other out, scissoring and sucking each other’s breasts. So we began doing that together.

We first started sucking each other’s breasts, she hit puberty quite early and she was quite chubby so she has a lot to offer, breast wise, but I was quite skinny yet my breasts were just starting to develop.

I would tell her to strip out of her clothes then I’d suck her boobs and make her suck mine, I would tell her to bite my nipples cause it felt so good.

Then one day, we took the step further and I told her to lick my pussy, so she did and even began sucking on my clit and it felt so good but she stopped so quickly.

When I licked her pussy, it kinda smelt bad... so I didn’t do much but one time later we did it again and it didn’t smell, so I licked it, I wanted to lick it more and make her cum and scream but she didn’t let me.

This went on for years, until our moms found out when we were talking about it over Instagram messages, they don’t know that we actually did anything physical... they only know that we talked about it.

Then we stopped, whenever I would try to hint at her to do it again she’d shut me down till this day.

I still want to fuck her, touch all that skin on her now mature thick body and lick and suck her now c-cup breasts, I want her to eat me out, I want her tongue all over mine, I want to taste her.

One day I had enough, and started thinking why don’t I do it to myself?

So I went to my bathroom in the middle of the night, and began rubbing myself to the thought of her. I wouldn’t feel anything happen until after a few times I did where I’d get intense orgasms while I think of her tongue all over my pussy and her fingers thrusting into me.

I wish we never stopped, I wanted more, and I still do. I hope that next time I see her, I convince her to do it for just one more time, for old time’s sake.

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