Left Holding The Baby

by Lori (Dunedin, NZ)

I used to baby sit for a family with two children then the mother got pregnant again and at about three months began having lots of health problems.

This continued for some time so I used to go help after school,do any dishes, often prepare the evening meal, feed, bath and bed the two children. I was there five afternoons a week and sometimes on weekends as well.

At about five to six months her health improved greatly so the husband decided to take the family to Fiji during the school holidays for a vacation and cos I had helped so much invited me to go as well. They asked my mom and it was decided I was allowed to go.

We flew to Fiji and I was so excited.

After a few days in Fiji the wife took I'll again and was admitted to the hospital in Suva.

We were staying at a resort about an hour or mores drive away from the hospital so the husband Ross would drive into Suva each day and I would look after the children most of the day until Ross returned in the evening..the resort had pools so I would let the children play in the water while kept a close eye on them.

When Ross returned quite often the children were in bed and once he was. Back I used to go swim in the pool..I met a very nice guy at the pool and we became quite good friends.

One evening when the children were asleep and Ross and I had eaten he got into the spa tub with a glass and a bottle of wine. Ross invited me to join him in the spa so I did and enjoyed it lots..when we got out he put his arm around me and gave me a kiss on my cheek telling me how much he appreciated all my efforts looking after the children.after I showered I went to bed.

Each night was much the same ..we got into the spa and he often gave me a hug and told me how pleased he was with me and offered me a glass of wine. I had never dank wine before and when I got out of the spa I felt a bit light headed but was happy of that.

Next night while in the spa I had two glasses of wines D when we got out we laughed about the way I wobbled and I was very lightheaded. I showered and when I was heading for my bed I met Ross in the hallway, he gave me a very big tight hug and thanked me more, kissed my cheek and nibbled at my ear saying how wonderful I was and said I was like a second mother to the children.

I stepped away to go to my bed and he caught me and gave me another big hug and repeated how I was the second mother to the children and was a second wife to him...we laughed and laughed,he gave me a kiss on each cheek another hug and I went off to bed.

Next night much the same thing and we were talking about the wife Lois and how her progress was in the hospital. It seemed she would be there for probably another week or 10 days or so. We had wine again and when I went to get out of the spa I slipped and sort of fell back into the spa. Ross caught me and held me tight asking if I was alright. I said I was ok and went to get out of the spa again, Ross held me in a tight hug for quite awhile then he helped me get out and walked with me to the shower.

After my shower he walked me to my room gave me another big hug and again kissed me on my cheek and neck.During the night I got up to the toilet to pee and when I came out of the bathroom Ross was there and he put his arms around me and guided me back to my room .Back to sleep and then I awoke to find aRoss in my bed kissing me. I sat up with a start and he just said shhhhhh he said I was so very special and he began kissing me and finding my boobs..he kissed me deep and long and then we went to sleep with him cuddled up very close behind me.

Next night we had some wine with our meal and more wine when in the spa..Ross hugged me in the spa and kissed me more. I loved the kisses...we were in the spay for a long time and it was hot and steamy ,he had me sort of backed onto his lap and was holding me tight and his hands were going to my boobs ..I kept moving his hands and they would gradually move back when we got out of the spa he held me very close and tightly to his front and he kissed me long and deep.

I sort of wobbled off to the toilet and Ross went and showered.i showered next and when I came out of the shower feeling very light headed Ross gathered me in his arms and guided me into his bedroom and to the bed..we talked and talked and he cuddled me and I was feeling very sleepy.

We eventually ended up lying on the bed and my head and the room kept spinning when I stirred later I found I was naked and Ross was kissing me and his hand was on my pussy. I rolled away and he was the got right up behind me and I could then feel his hard penis hard against me. I struggled and tried to move but he ended up between my legs and we had sex together. I told him this was very wrong and it had to stop. But about an hour later we had sex again. I was floating on a high.

Next night when we were in the spa Ross had moved me sort of sitting on his lap and soon he had his very stiff penis on me..we had had more wine ... My bikini was soon off and we were having sex again.after getting out of the spa we showered together and went onto Ross,s bed where he had sex with me several times ..I was in total heaven but feeling so guilty cos he was married.

This carried on for the. Next week or so..I was on BC so was not worried.

A day or so later I could not find my BC pills so Ross got some more from a pharmacy when he was in Suva.

Eventually Lois was well enough to leave the hospital and after another two days we flew back to New Zealand..what a wonderful time we had except for Losis being in hospital..She had thanked me so much for all my help with the children etc etc.

All went well for next few weeks and every time I went around to their house Ross would be patting or caressing my butt when Lois was not looking.

When my date came around my period did not come oh my god I was terrified ..I told Ross he had got me pregnant ..he gave me a hug and kissed me and patted my belly and said he hope it would be a girl as beautiful as me ...I cried..he said to blame it on the guy I met at the pool in Fiji ..that's what I told my mom under Ross,s direction...but I had only had sex with Ross not that guy..Oh God I am a girl in trouble.,., Ross suggested that I get my pregnancy terminated...no way..

About Three months later Ross ,Lois and family moved away from my city as he had a promotion within the company where he worked.

I was left with having the baby, I know having sex with Ross was very wrong, I think the change in the BC pills was probably the cause of protection failure but I just should not have gone down the path I did.

I ended up a single mom with a beautiful baby boy who I named Ross Allan after his true father. Now am marred to another guy and due to give birth to a daughter in eight weeks.

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