Lecturing my Daughter

by Antonio (Fliruda)

I got called by my wife and we discussed our younger daughter, Liz. Wife said that Liz was venturing into girls and I should intervene and stop it.

Liz lived and worked in Las Vegas. I really did know how to approach the subject. Wife was at Vegas visiting her and our other daughter. I texted Liz to give me a call so that we could chat privately.

About 9 PM she calls when I was about to see my favorite TV show so I put it in mute and let it run and after some small talk Liz ask what I wanted to about . I said sex! Silence from her phone.

I said are you OK. She said yes but was surprised about the subject

I said “ you are 19 years old and I am sure you have had sex …. I guess….. and your mother and I want to make sure that you are in the right team”
Liz: Dad … what the fuck. Can we be open in our discussion and say what we want ….. but without any criticism from your part. Let’s leave Mom out of this conversation…… and you also have to be honest about your sex life and what team your in?”
Dad: I guess I can do that and no lies and brutal truth on both sides
Liz: what if it gets tough on your side side are going to use the Dad thing?
Dad: You can object and I will correct it . So what you are saying to me is tha you will answer all my questions and I will answer yours. No repercussions and not getting mad.
Liz: Yes
Dad: Mom can’t hear this conversation
Liz: She is going to the Casinos with Carmen

Dad: Ok, Are we ready to start.
Liz: yes

Dad : Do like eating pussy?
Liz: wow…… no time to waste…. Yes So far I have eaten 2 girls and 2 older women

Dad: This is a good start now I want to ask you
Liz: Hold on Dad….. you ask one and than I get to ask more
Dad: OK
Liz: have you ever sucked a cock? Explain?
Dad: No. I have been around a lot of cocks both in my profession and socially
Liz: Explain?
Dad: well I have been in sexual events alone and with your Mom that were a lot of cocks and naked women
Liz: Huh…… you mean Mom is a little slut?
Dad: girl your Mom loves to fuck and suck cocks
Liz: Does Mom eat pussy?

Dad: Misdirection ….. this is about Liz and Dad…… Mom is a non discussion

Liz: Ok, Look Dad I love cocks love to have them in my cuchiee
I can be called an amature like. The two girls was when we were experimenting ….. no big deal…., didn’t even get off… just the nice sensation from my friends and I did not know how to suck a cunt.

Dad: what about the older women
Luz: Boy….. you want me to go there Brace yourself. Remember that Catholic HS ……., I will just shorten it and tell you that not all nuns keep their vows. Oh … she was something….. I gave into her and I had my first orgasm ….. wow it was great….. yes you knew her and spoke to her many times….. but she had my pussy any time she wanted
Dad: I won’t go there
Liz : the second women was in college…… I had many opportunities but insisted that I should be with Cocks……. But ………..one of family members ….. not my sister ……. ate mu pussy and that was also great…… and she had a great tasting pussy!
Dad. Wow I will not ask since this is about us
Liz : are you getting horny listening to me ?
Dad: Uh…….,,. Well yes ….. I have an erection just listening to you. I will try to calm myself down
Liz: No Dad ……..we ventured into this conversation …… I am all alone and you should also be alone in the house
Dad: True
Liz: so let me tell you I am all wet down there and I would love to stick my finger in my cuchiee
Dad: Oh

Liz: So let’s do this …. I am going to take my pants down and keep my panties….. and will touch myself whenever I want and you should do the same
Dad: OK
Liz: So Dad enough about Liz. When was the first time you got laid?
Dad: Welll I was 14 years old. I was outside helping my Dad when he dicided to go talk with one of the neighbors. We were there his wife drove in and started to take the groceries from the car. Father told me to her . Her name Lubinka, she was Yugoslavia, beautiful like Elizabeth Taylor. When we finished she said thank you and gave me a kiss on the lips. I was stunned . She said that every week she needed help and she would compensate me. I said OK

After 4-5 times helping her ….. she said that the kiss was not enough…… and asked if I wanted to smell her pussy . I said yes and she took her pantries off and I had a wiff of a smell that intoxicated me and have been addicted to smelling panties.
Liz: You little pervert
Dad: I have controlled it
Liz : have you ever smelled my panties
Dad: Many times it usually you Mom but your panties had a distinct smell that I loved
Liz: Dad I had a feeling about that ……… you should have told me when I lived there and I would have provided you with some juicy ones

Dad: Anyway from smelling her panties she ended up fucking my brains out at the ripe age of 14
Liz: you lucky stiff……. I did not get my first cock inside me until I was 17…… before that I had sucked about 10 guys in the HS

Dad: so I can state that you are a cock girl to your mom

Liz: Not so fast Dad …. This conversation is not over …. My panties are soaked and I am not close to an orgasm so we are to continue this conversation
Dad are you masturbating?

Dad: yes but not close

Luz: Dad We are sick ….. this is close to incest…….. would you like to fuck me
Dad: Hold on girl …….. you have a great body, you are beautiful and your pussy smell is fantastic…….. he’ll yes I would fuck you but first I will spend a lot of time smelling and tasting that Pusey if yours…. But

Liz: Wait a minute Dad ….. I have been dreaming of fucking you since I was 9 years old. Carmen was sneaking into your bedroom at night when you were fucking Mom. She included me and got to C see you eat her pussy , fuck her and taste her asshole. I have seen your many times and Carmen showed me how to stimulate my pussy
Now I am 19 and at an age that you can fuck me

Dad: OK. OK. Let’s wait a minute I am close to ejaculating …. How are you
Liz: I am in route to my second one

Dad: let me come off …. So hold on ….

Liz: Dad I want you to eat my pussy fuck me and fuck my asshole .. no one has done that yet …. My asshole is for you

Dad: Girl…. Just keep talking I am close .. ooohhhhhhhbh
………………………. That was good. Are you close
Liz: Done

Dad : Let’s recupp……….. we are both perverts…… we want to fuck each other and I would love to eat that asshole if yours

Liz: What should I talk about with Mom

Dad: That you talked with me and that you will be a man’s woman someday

Liz: I will ………… should I also tell her that I would like to fuck her husband?

Dad: No

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