Lecturing my Daughter: Part 3

by Antonio (Orlando)

My daughter, Marie, came for a 10 day visit with her twins. These rascals were tremendous and had their grandmother hooked. The wife and grandkids went to the park and left Marie and me alone cause she wanted to talk. Marie laid out the problems she had with Peter, her husband. They were not having sex.

Dad: Why

Marie: He is an asshole and I want to get a divorce.

Dad: Now you live in his town and his parents and family are there and you feel trap. You have the better job and he gets what he want and by the way you are missing out on the most important thing..........

Marie: What?

Dad: Sex......an orgasm.....a cock!!!!!

Marie; Now hold on Dad I sneak around and able to suck a cock now and then but now as often as I want

Dad: when was the last time you sucked Peter

Marie: Last week............but he is not getting my pussy

Marie: dad ....I love talking to you about these things and IT is getting me wet

Dad: Girl.......hold your horses..........are you looking for a solution or are you trying to get daddy to fuck you

Marie: Both

Dad: What about Mom

Marie: We do it like when I lived here as teenager .......quietly and discreet

Dad: Ok Look let's talk solution. You have to move out of that area and move her or close to here

Marie: How..............

Dad: 4-8 month strategic planning. You have to wiggle your company to move you to this area. You have to outsmart Peter into accepting the transfer and he has to champion it. Once you make the move than you can start to getting rid of him

Marie: How?????

Dad: A man lets his guard down with two events: Good Cooking and great sex..........it works

Marie: But dad I don't want to fuck him

Dad: It's just a plan.................how many people have you had sex in the last 2 years??

Marie: 3 guys

Dad: How many girls???

Marie: 7

dad: You are a slut and I love you for it

It is all on your court.. Make him beg for your pussy.

Marie: You are probably right But dad I am all wet and i have had a good fuck in a long time.

Dad: Girl.....take your panties off and let me smell them.

Marie: dad you are a pervert here smell them

Dad: Stand up and come over to me and turn around and let me see that great ass and asshole ...............mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Marie: Dad lick my asshole.............. oh what memmories

Dad: Asshole taste great.....................let me call your mom .....see when she is coming back.

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