Lecturing my Daughter: Part 2

by Antonio (Orlando)

I guess I had to write this next story. Three days after what happen with Liz I had obtained my composure and going on with the rest of my days while my wife was in Vegas visiting my two daughters. I come home from work and found an overnight package in front of the door. Got that with the rest of the mail. Placed it on the table and went to the bedroom to change and get comfortable and get a coke. I sat and began to look at the mail and left the package for last.

I opened the package and a picture slips out. It was a naked picture of Liz. Nice and then I took out a zip lock plastic bag that appeared to have her panties. Oh shit!!!!! I slowly opened the bag up and a very distinct aroma came out. I closed it immediately. It was 5:30 PM so I texted Liz telling her to call me tonight after 9 PM. Got up and took the pic and bag to my bedroom.

I knew that it was going to be fun tonight but I had to out to eat dinner

Liz called and she said Dad did you get it.

Dad: Yes. I want ......... ( i was cut off by Liz)

Liz: I was OK after I sent you the package but last night I got all rattled up again and I have to tell what happened with Mom. Yes those are my panties from that night and during that night I had to get off 3 more times. Boy my coochie was burning but our time was amazing. The 5 Os are there for you to smell and fantasize until we fuck .......we are going to fuck right???

Dad: yes.................don't know when but it has to happen ....but we have to keep this between us.

Liz: I have to bring you up to date on that! Mom ... Yes Mom she is just as nasty as we are....the slut......thinking I was going to end up eating pussy the rest of my life ....the pussy lover...............Dad she loves pussy.........she is amazing with cocks but wow...,..she loves pussy like that nun principal at the Catholic HS.

Dad: Wow.....you are getting ahead of yourself.......calm down and explain.

Liz: Dad you knew Mom ate pussy.

Dad: Ah...yes. But remember this thing is about us two....your Mom is not part of the discussion.

Liz: Shut up and listen. She is now in the discussion. Let me explain.

Dad: OK.....I'll shut up.

Liz: It was my night to take Mom out. We went to the casino which she loves. Then I asked if she would like to go into one of the male review shows in the strip and she was very happy with that. Got in.......it was male strip show. I do not know how many drinks she had but she was yelling and screaming and putting $5 bills on the G string. She was totally turn on and after the show she did not want to go home and said she was Horny and needed some......... OK! So I took her to a place where I sometimes go to get relieve when I am horny.,...... The "Glory Hole". She said she had never been to one of those but she said yes when I told her that many men place their cocks in a hole where we would be and they could not see us. She was excited and we had to wait until a booth opened up.

I told Mom they could not see us but they could hear us and not to talk out loud. She agreed.

When we got in ....there was a fat cock about 6 inches in one of the hole and she went straight to it and started sucking it and touching her coochie. I was surprised but OK when another 5 inch cock came out of the hole ....she signaled me to take it. Mom's cock went flaccid and she got up and took my place with the little one. I got up and not believing that my Mom was total slut.

Mom's cock went limp and she got up smiling. She came to me and hugged me and kissed my cheeks and then looked at me and kiss me on the mouth. I couldn't believe it.
All of a sudden a huge black cock came out of the hole....it had to be at least 12 inches.

Mom saw it and went immediately to it.

Dad by this time I was really excited and horny!

She was at first on the head which was a huge mushroom and could not take it all in so she stared sliding up and down the shaft.

Then she signaled me to get on the other side of the shaft....i was going at it and I could not get that head in my mouth.

That Mom and me met at the head .......me on one side and she on the other ....until all of a sudden are lips met and then she started kissing me and her tongue was in my mouth and then there was no cock just she and I kissing hard and touching each other. I snapped out of it and signaled my Mom about the cock. She said fuck it lets go home.

In the car Mom said that tonight she wanted me and that we would talk tomorrow. We got home and before we got to the bedroom we had no clothes on. IN front of the bed Mom said I need to eat your pussy. She threw me down and 2 hours later we fell asleep.

Wow Dad.......... Mom would be terrific Lesbo.

Dad: Don't go there....she loves pussy but she craves cocks.

Liz: Anyway Dad....we talked in the morning.

I told Mom that I loved pussy but that I wanted cocks and would end up marrying some guy someday. She was happy. We continued talking and told her about the times we saw you and mom fucking. I told her that from age 9 on I've had a lot of experiences with my pussy and since than I always had a specific mam I wanted to fuck. She asked who and I said "my Dad"

She did not blink or get angry.

She only said ...................your father is pervert and loves to fuck young girls. Maybe someday that will happen!!!!!!

So Dad....................everything is set up so that you can fuck me and drill my asshole.

Dad: Well. I got a loaded panty waiting for me. Remember once I fuck your asshole it will belong to me. Only your husband can get some but anybody else you will have to call me to get my permission. That is the same way with your Mom and she has asked permission many times.

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