Learning To Swim: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I was stunned at what Mum said but she was looking fixedly at me as if waiting for a reply, I stuttered stupidly for a few seconds before asking her nervously if she was serious to which she nodded, and at the same time touching my knee, my heart skipped a beat and my chest tightened, then she softly ran a finger along my thigh to where I was bulging slightly through my swim briefs.

I moved closer to Mum, mother nature was dictating the moves and I matched mums investigative finger by doing the same to her ad gently stroking the silky softness of her inner thigh, which made her draw in a breath with a hiss.

I decided to grasp the nettle......

"Let’s go to my bedroom, we can have our kinky fun there mum"

"Ooo! I like that, I like that very much."

Then, fondling my ever growing bulge she stood up and undid the tie of her swim bra letting it drop to the floor and allowing her amply tits sway free. Together we shuffled to my bedroom and I put my hand on mums arse, savoring the soft pliant flesh where her briefs weren't covering her. In the bedroom she took charge

"Take these silly briefs off for me"

I stooped to obey and rolled the down her full curvy thighs, swallowing hard as her pussy was revealed. My Lovely stunning sexy mum was shaven, not a hair nor bristle could be seen on the dark hued flesh of her mound and only the pink of her inner labia poking through the pussy portals betraying her inner door to paradise. The sight of it, my own mother’s pussy from which I had issued those years ago was hypnotic, I could not tear my eyes away from the sight.

It was then as I stooped there that mum put her hands on my head and firmly pulled it until my face was being pressed into the softness and odour of her cunt.

"Oooooohhhhhhh! GOD! this is something your Dad never does, he has NEVER ever put his face there. Can you smell me Darling, can you smell mums pussy........will you lick it for me, I long to be licked, PLEASE sweetheart do it to me, stick your tongue out and OHHhhhhhhhh! JESUS!"

Next thing she was standing legs wide apart and giving me complete free access to her inner sanctum, her odour was rich, musky and tangy, and now seeping heavily with her cunt juice.

I licked and lapped for awhile, making sure I ministered to her clit which was now very stiff, I sucked on it and her fleshy flaps while she ground against my face, mewing her delight at what she had craved these many years. The more I licked and sucked the wetter she became and once or twice she gave little squirts which made her squeal softly.

But my cock was rebelling, it wanted to be where nature intended and I fought to struggle ot of my swim briefs while keeping oral contact with mums cunt. She knew what I was doing and pushed me away to look at my naked beating manhood, and she smiled..........

"Are you going to stick that big thing inside me my love, are you going to stick it right up inside me and FUCK me, fuck your mother, fuck her till she screams and cum, are you, are going to do that, lover, because that’s what we are now darling son, we are lovers"

The whole thing was surreal, outlandish, outrageous, immoral, incestuous, but unstoppable. Mum spread herself obscenely, legs apart, knees bent, pussy open and glistening wet, her hands molding her big tits and tweaking her thick nipples where I had once suckled years ago.

A team of wild whores could not have stopped me doing what I did next. She cried out loudly as I simply pushed my dick into her body, I felt warm liquid as I forced myself all the way inside her to the root of my phallic lance.

"This is what you want, isn’t it, my big hard thick cock shoved deep in you, and its gonna squirt lots of warm rich creamy spunk into you womb and then you'll have me back where I grew inside"

At that point Mum wet absolutely wild and he two of us fucked like it was the end of the world, thrusting, pummeling, heaving, humping and clawing at each other wildly and the.....

"Oh God! Oh God! gonna cum, gonna cum, Oh! Oh ! Cum with me darling, cum in me, don’t pull out, don’t pull out.....it’s happening, its happ..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!"

And mum was cumming, arching her body up off the bed with me locked deep inside her and next thing my own orgasm seared through me and I was deluging her insides with spunk. We seemed to subside straight away, and then the guilt at what we had done struck home. My cock flopped out of mum’s pussy and she grabbed her swim briefs to staunch the flow of sperm.

"This never happened son, and it’s not to happen again, not a word, not at glance, NOTHING"

And she fled to her bedroom. It WOULD happen again though.....but that’s another story.

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