Learning To Swim: Part 1

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

My mum was a non swimmer and did not like the idea of taking swimming lessons with a stranger and it was while on a family holiday in Corfu that she asked me if I would teach her.

Well of course I agreed as long as she was patient and went along with all my instructions, and so we went to our apartment to change into swimming gear.

Mum is a well built nicely padded 40 year old woman, 5ft 6ins still pretty, nice mumsy bosom, terrific arse and really shapely legs, and in her two piece red swim costume she looked a real blast of sheer sex goddess.

We strolled down to the beach which was just a few yards from our terrace and waded chest deep into the sea. Mum was very nervous but I persuaded her to just try to relax and do as I asked. I got her to try floating on her front while I cupped her chin to keep her face out of the water, she did this and then I told her to try lifting her legs and I would support her under her hips, she complied clumsily but at least I had her half floating.

This took us about three quarters of an hour before she called time for the morning and so we waded to shore and stretched out on our towels and dried off in the sun. We did this for several mornings and Mums confidence grew as did her enthusiasm until finally though still with me supporting her chin and hips she progressed enough to start making doggy paddle movement.

I inadvertently moved my hand and realised too late that it was on her cunt mound. Mum could not have helped noticing but made no protest, and so I kept my hand in place, enjoying the sensation of actually touching my own Mom so intimately and blatantly.

How I resisted getting a hardon I don’t know but in spite of touching and feeling Mum, I did not and she made no mention about it in any way. In bed that night I heard my parents making love, not for the first time, but this was the first time I heard Mum moaning loudly and crying out as she obviously orgasmed.

Twice more into the early hours I heard them rutting and making no effort to suppress their vocal enjoyment. Next morning it was my sister who got me to one side and whispered that she had heard our parents going at it, and it got her so horny she had masturbated. I said I had heard nothing and told her to keep it to herself.

Dad and sis went off to visit the caverns at Porto Christo, while mum and I went to the beach where I again took great pleasure in holding her up in the water while slyly moving my hand until my thumb was pressing into her cunt lips through her swim bottoms, and that did not stop me feeling her still clit through the skimpy fabric. Finally I released her and she was delighted to manage doggy paddling enough to convince her that swimming was now fully on her agenda.

When we went up for lunch we stayed in our costumes while we ate fruit and sipped some local wine. That’s when she asked me, it aroused me to touch her the way I did, in the water. BOOM! The jig was up. I had to say yes, of course, at which she said it had got her madly turned on that she had thought of actually encouraging me to have sex with her but that she imagined it was me fucking her when she was fucking Dad.

End of Part 1

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