Learning From My Dad

by Wanda (USA)

As we had our dinner dad said "you can sleep with me while mum is in hospital... that way we can keep each other warm ... I also have some things to show you ..."

I didn't mind sleeping with my dad... I usually woke to find he had pulled me close to him ... I wriggled free sometimes ... anyway we finished dinner and did the dishes, dad said he was going to have a shower and then we could go to bed...

I said "it's a bit early for bed time isn't it?" Dad said he thought an early night would be good... dad went and showered and I went and had a shower and then changed into my nightdress ... I jumped into dads bed and laid back waiting...

Dad soon came in. He had his boxers on, and he slid in beside me. He reached over and grabbed some stuff out of his draw... they looked like books... he laid back, and then told me to lift up so he could put his arm around me... I rested my head on his arm.

He put the books on my stomach and told me to open the first one... it had pictures of men about my father’s age, they were naked. I went a wee bit red.. I was embarrassed. Dad told me to turn the page and I saw a lot of pictures of cocks. They were small and all different shapes.

Dad told me to turn the page... this time the cocks were hard and big... dad said that they were the same cocks from the other page. I asked "how did they get to be big..?" Dad took my hand and pulled it under the covers... he put my hand on his cock. He said "see how soft this feels?"

I nodded ... he started pulling on my hand so that my hand moved on his cock... he pushed the covers down and told me to look... I stared as his cock got bigger and harder... He said "see what you did? It was you who made my cock get bigger ..."

He pulled me to him and kissed me then said "how about giving daddy a kiss? " I leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Oh come on... a kiss on the lips... come on give daddy a nice kiss... " I leaned over and kissed my dad on the lips...

"Oh no ... that was far too quick... leave your lips on mine for a few seconds." I leaned over and kissed his lips again... I felt his tongue go over my bottom lip and then to my top lip ... I shuddered... then I felt his tongue go inside my mouth... he touched my tongue with his and I automatically touched his ... then he pushed his tongue down my throat... I was gasping for breath... he kissed me quickly on the lips and started to stroke his cock...

"Put your hand in front of mine so we can stroke my cock together sweetie. I also want to see if you get excited... "

I looked at dad and said "why would I get excited?"

I looked at his cock and could see a little bit of water like a tear come out of his cock... he caught it on his finger and then told me to open my mouth... his finger went in my mouth and he told me to suck it..."suck it good sweetheart ... show me how hard you can suck my finger.."

I sucked and sucked... he pushed his finger down my throat so that I felt like I wanted to be sick... then he took it out and grabbed his cock and told me to suck it... I said I didn't want to but dad said "suck on this baby... suck on my cock just for daddy..."

I sucked and sucked.... daddies hand went down between my legs and he started touching my little cunt... it felt strange and soon dads finger started to slide up and down...

"Oh my sweet little girl... see how wet you are? It means that your pussy is ready for my cock... you are getting excited for daddy..."

He was right, I was so excited. It was like my little cunt had its own heart beat.... I squeezed my legs together and that made me more excited...

Dad told me to lay back with my legs open... he wanted to look at me... He pulled me close to him and started kissing my bottom ... then he started kissing my tummy ... the kissing continued as he went lower and lower until he was kissing my little cunt... I felt his tongue go into my slit...

"Hmmm.... baby girl you taste so good, so pure... "His tongue flickered inside me... it made me moan ...

"You are going to start cumming my little sweetheart... daddy’s girl will have her first orgasm... I can't believe how fast this has happened... usually it takes a few times before a girl cums... I remember it took your sister about a month before she would cum ... and here is you doing it straight away... maybe I have got myself a little nympho.... if you are then I am going to have to take you away for fuck weekends... oh baby girl daddy is so pleased with you ..."

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Dec 08, 2020
Love em young
by: Woody

Any girls needing some cock...contact me. age doesn't matter woodyulive58@gmail.com

Dec 02, 2020
So horny
by: Anonymous

I’m 18 and I wish my dad and mom would fuck me

Aug 15, 2020
needing a fuck
by: Anonymous

oh I read this again and had my fingers sliding up and down my wet cunt... my cunt was dripping by the time I finished reading... I was so horny I decided to get up and dressed and go looking for some guy to fuck me... I ended up down town outside one of the xrated movie theatres. A few guys came out and I caught the eye of one and he walked over... we chatted and then he asked if I would go with him for a drive. I didn't need to be asked twice... anyway needless to say I got my fill of a big hard cock and we have hooked up a couple of times since.. so this story has been great for me. Thanks

Aug 09, 2020
by: Anonymous

This made me so fucking wet. I wish I had this

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