Larry And Maya

by Larry (Vallejo Ca USA)

Maya and I have been a wife sharing lifestyle for over a year now and we have a younger friend Roger that had joined the army and had been through his survival course.

We had been in touch with him all through his boot camp and training and he told us he was being deployed to Lydia in two days and asked us if we could meet with him again before he was sent away.

Maya had given him his first blow job and he said that he would have about a three hour layover at Travis and asked if we could meet him there so we agreed o doing it.

We had been waiting at the front gate and his plane was late and Maya had to use the ladies room so I was alone when he showed up.

He was in a hurry and said he didn't have much time but he was looking forward to this all the way from Missouri and he walked back and forth nervously glancing at his watch.

I was trying to calm him down when Maya showed up walking through the cars at the parking area it was lighted but not bright under the tree we had chosen and Maya came up to us and they kissed fiercely and May let him feel her breasts then they pulled apart and Maya asked how much time do you have and he said less than an hour we were late taking off so Maya said OK take your pants off and she was already unzipping them for him as he frantically unbuckled his belt.

We were alone here but it was still chancy but Maya said let me have your jacket to kneel on honey and I complied it was my work jacket anyway and she neatly folded it as Roger slowly stroked his cock in anticipation.

Then Maya knelled in front of him and stroked his shaft several times looking up at him then without a word she sucked his cock head into her mouth and took his hips in her hands and began to rock back and forth sucking his cock all the while looking up at him mouthing his cock and shaft she licked his crown ridge with her tongue making him shiver.

As the sensitive glands felt the tip of her tongue and he bucked in response and was breathing heavily at his arousal and Maya laughed her husky laugh and licked his shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth lovingly and this was just a couple minutes until he grunted I'm gonna cum grabbing the back of her head and he shoved all of his cock into her mouth making her gag.

But she recovered and as he stood there with a death heads grin on his face his teeth clenched tightly in a snarl he started cumming and I watched my wife's lips around his shaft and she gulped his seed in huge ups and she came several good shots before he started to relax and Maya milked his shaft lovingly with her fingers getting the last of his seed and licking his shaft to clean it up for him then tucking his cock and balls back into his shorts.

She looked at him with a motherly smile and said you get one of those when you return young man.

Roger was soon fully dressed and ready to go and they kissed tenderly and Maya waved saying don't forget as we got back in our car and drove off.

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