Landlady: Pt 2

by Robert (Australia)

She went to the bathroom to clean herself as I was relishing my first experience of most exciting fucking with a mature woman, almost half my age!! She returned and retired by my side on her back. I knelt beside her and lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed, licked and sucked her to full arousal once again. I slid two fingers into her, gently teased her clit and once again Gran had a solid cock in her hand.

She was smooth and warm inside with some sticky fluid. I loved the tangy taste of it. In response to her urging I pulled my tongue out, pressed my lips against her clitoris, and began sucking. Her body began to move for some time until finally, she reached a voluptuous orgasm!

I pushed a pillow beneath her buttock raising her torso and then I spread her ass cheeks wider to lick gently her anus and then I pressed my index finger against her anus and gently rubbed until it started to open allowing me to insert my first finger a little way into it. I ran my finger around its inner opening a little more allowing my finger to get a little deeper inside her. I engaged in teasing and gentle probing until I could slide another finger into her anus and then I managed to get my mouth on her pussy so that I could suck her clitoris and pleasure both her sensitive holes.

Gran groaned and lifted her bum slightly to give me easier access to her anus. Finally I was able to insert full my two fingers in. After a while she asked me to stop and to get on my back, I did as she asked. She rode my cock and took whole of it into her moist, hot, vagina, and then she began moving up and down on my stiff cock, her breasts bouncing on my face. I held the nips in turn to my mouth. Now Gran was squirming and moaning again, and this time I began humping as well, thrusting my raging cock up into her hot pussy. I rammed my cock repeatedly up into her keeping pace with her movements. We both reached climax almost simultaneously.

We lay for half an hour. I was encouraged to fondle her breasts while she took hold of my cock and began to massage it back into rigidity. I started to respond to her stroking, realized that she wanted more. I was too happy to restart our session. Once again I knelt and started to lick and nibble her pussy and ass hole at the same time. Gran responded by opening her thighs as wide as she could so I took advantage of the unrestricted access to her body and slid my still moist finger deep into her anus and once again applied my mouth to her vagina

After a short while I again slid a finger into her, now very accessible anus. But she asked me not to use my fingers into her anus. The message was clear - she wanted me to fuck her anus! She took doggie position and reached for tube of body lotion from the table beside the bed and asked me to use it onto her anus and my eager hard cock. I followed her instruction and wasted no time and aligned my cock to her anus. I pushed my lubed knob into her anal opening. She advised me to go slowly as it would slide in to her already stretched hole.

Yes, great! It was a very tight fit and that made the sensations even higher for me and I continued pushing my cock slowly into her anus. The lotion did the trick – almost half of my cock entered into her as she pushed herself back until finally she had almost the whole length of my cock buried deep into her anus hole!

I gently did an ‘in and out’ fucking her ass hole - the sensation of her tight rectal passage rubbing against my cock was mind blowing. Now I began to fuck her as hard and fast as I was able to until at last I felt a surge of mounting pressure to ejaculate and ended up with jets of cum shooting deep into her wide stretched anus. She was whimpering and her whole body was trembling in ecstasy!

Soon my cock went soft and slipped out of Gran’s anus and she slowly lay down flat on her stomach and within a few minutes sticks of my cum rolled down out of her …. From then on we indulged in abandoned sex whenever we got time. I had her vagina and anus thoroughly sucked, licked, ravished and finally, fucked. My 4-your tenure for my doctoral research earned more mature sex lessons by staying at her place, and in return, her sex starved appetite was fully satisfied at the benefit of us both.

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