Landlady: Pt 1

by Robert (Australia)

She was not actually my grandma but she preferred me to call her ‘Gran’ – she was my landlady while I was in England for my doctoral. She was in her early 60s, widow for the last 20 yrs or so, slim body with an ample of pair boobs with little sag. She lived alone in a suburban small town and we got closer as days passed by. We used to spend hours talking about anything and everything – she was more enthusiastic about telling her youthful sexual adventures. Mine was nothing compared to those episodes!

One night I got too aroused when she asked me whether I had any gf – no I didn’t… at that time. But I did have some short sexual fling with a couple of girls and once with my cousin sis – I told her so. She won’t stop at that and asked me whether I have seen any naked mature women. I did have some kink with mature women with ripe body. I conveyed to her about my kink! Suddenly I noticed her deep cleavage through the shirt with 3 open buttons.

Now to my surprise, Gran stood up and removed her shirt and exposed her braless boobs to me. Do you like? She asked me unashamedly. I felt my cock twitched and getting hard underneath my boxer. She was so close that I could trace the bluish veins along her boobs and light brown seductive erect nips. I got bolder and unzipped her short skirt off. She had nothing underneath!! I sat there staring at her smooth, hairless mound and bit of her hanging pussy lips. Intuitively I reached for her smooth abdomen and then slid one hand down between her thighs and the other around to her waist.

She lowered herself so that I could feel her soft breasts whilst also sliding a finger along the slit of her pussy to part the lips and then began to nibble gently on a very proud nipple. I took of my T-shirt off and she was stroking my nips. We both knew we were going to have sex very soon. She pulled me up and grasped my hard cock while I kissed her neck and then engaged in deep kissing seeking each other’s tongue.

This was awesome, quite unexpected for me. She whispered to feel her breasts -- roll the nips between my fingers and suck them. Then she took my hand to feel her pussy. She parted her thighs to allow me easier access to the warm meaty and soft vagina. Her breathing was becoming heavier. I found it wet and radiating warmth. I slipped a finger inside it and she responded with ummm, ohh, ohh.

I took off my boxer and I was there naked, my hard cock erect and throbbing. She grasped it and led me to her bed room. I turned to fondle her boobs, but she pushed me onto my back, grasped my 8” thick cock, and slid her hand up and down its length, and for a few glorious minutes, she masturbated me. Her smooth boobs were in my hands, pressing and squeezing them lightly. Then she leaned over me to take my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it deep. After a couple of minutes of just moving her mouth up and down a few inches she pulled away and smiled with erotic gesture!

Then, moving slowly, she climbed above me and turned to position herself so that our heads were between each-others thighs, I was being introduced to the “69” position. I could see her vagina as she spread her legs over me. My cock was against her mouth, my mouth was clamped on her firm warm pussy. The lips were thick but smooth and darker than her body color. They smelt great and the lips were mouthful for me to suck on - she was on the throw of climax and her body was trembling – did she orgasm?

I felt that I am not going to last long. This was the first time I had been with a woman with a very ripe body. My cock swelled and gushes of cum shot down to her mouth. I groaned as I pumped my climax directly into her mouth. Gran coped admirably as she gulped a little then proceeded to suck and swallow it all – drawing every bit of my cum as my cock started to go limp.

Gran lay beside me fondling my cock as I recovered from my climax. My cock began to respond to her manipulation. As soon as it was stiff, she raised her thighs wide and drew me between them and I pushed my throbbing cock into her in one go at ease. Her cunt was too warm, juicy and inviting for my hard cock. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I started pumping deep and hard my cock into her cunt as if to completely ravish it. She moaned: deeper fuck fuck harder etc… until with loud grunt she climaxed. I collapsed on top of her as I shot jets of cum deep into her – I felt her cunt spasm for few minutes and she was trembling and sweating. Drops of tear rolled down her cheeks! She was without sex for many years…I guess.

We laid there as I ran my hand over Gran’s body and she shivered slightly and eased herself into a more comfortable position embracing my body closer by her side. She was still panting saying that she had the most satisfying sex after a long time!

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