Kyle and Jerry, Great Friends

by Ricky (OR)

They had gone over to jerry’s house, and they knew that they would have enough time before his mom came home, enough that they wouldn’t have to rush.

With a shared happy eagerness they had taken off their clothes and gotten naked, looking forward to having a private moment of male togetherness as friends.

It had nothing to do with being gay as some might have claimed or wanted to believe, lacking he imagination and understanding that two guys could and so often did enjoy that together without in any way it having mean that.

Both had gotten a healthy erection as soon as their clothes had come off, their penises pushing boldly upright without embarrassment over their stiff presentation.

They held one another and kissed and let their erections touch and rub with a naked intimacy.

“Oh, man,” jerry exclaimed, “my dick always gets so hard with you.”

“And you always give me the biggest boners,” Kyle said, grinning back.

They kissed again, letting their tongues swim together in and out of each other’s mouth, doing so with an unconcealed passion.

Then, pulling away, Kyle dropped down to take his friend’s penis in his mouth. He loved the freedom of being able to suck on Jerry’s dick without embarrassment.

And although this was not something he would have been inclined to so readily do with another guy, he loved feeling Jerry’s bare dick in his mouth and to suck on its hard male shape.

He slide his mouth up and down on its length several times, and then pulled back up to his tongue wetly lick the swollen head and over the opening that was gaping wide and issuing clear drops of pre-cum, tasting Jerry’s male flavor.

Jerry eased back and laid on the edge of the bed as Kyle applied some lube to his dick, and proceeded to slowly and gently once more introduce his male organ into Jerry’s anal sheath.

“Oh, yeah …” Jerry breathed as he felt Kyle’s stiff sex enter him, doing so with the familiarity that they had come to know and share.

“Uhhh … that feels good,” Kyle said with Jerry’s tight butt gripping his boner.

Kyle started to slide smoothly in and out, appreciating how wonderful it was to be privileged enough to use his penis like this with is friend.

“Oh yeah …” Jerry breathed again, closing his eyes as he laid there letting himself be fucked, raising his legs to encircle Kyle’s hips, and crossing his ankles. “Oh, man … it feels so good having your dick in me.”

“It feels good having my dick in you,” Kyle said back, moving his hips to exercise his males in Jerry’s maleness.

Jerry reach a hand down to start masturbating is penis while he enjoyed he anal stimulation being given to him. Like many guys he had discovered how exciting it was to have his butt fucked, and he loved it. Occasionally he would fuck Kyle’s butt, but Kyle fucking him was their usual and most satisfactory arrangement. And of course when it came to giving a blow job they were equally happy and thrilled to do so.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … UHHHHHH!” Jerry gasped as his hand quickly brought his rigid boner to an ejaculation. His semen squirted across his stomach, gong all the way up to wet his chest and nipples.

Seeing this happen excited jerry and suddenly he was ejaculating and coming deep inside of his friend, enjoying the passionate pleasure of giving him his sperm.

Uh! Yeah … yeah …” Kyle panted as his boner pulsed again and again, issuing his male liquid in an wet overabundance.

“Yeah … yeah …” Jerry panted as he received is friend’s semen deep in is butt. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!”

In another moment their sexual expression of friendship had been satisfied and it felt wonderful.

In about half an hour jerry knew that his mom would come home and ask him how his day went. And he would tell just fine, hardly able to say that he had enjoyed being fucked by his best friend. Some things were just private.

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