Knock Knock

by Carol (Florida)

I’m home alone and it’s a rainy Saturday here in Florida. It’s a perfect day to make myself cum and watch porn. Hubby and I love to watch porn and our favorite are interracial porn. Nothing gets me wetter or hornier then watching a huge black cock fuck a big tit white woman. I’m laying bed and I’m playing with my big tits. I grab my favorite toy, a 12” black master. I love it when Rocky puts me in a sixty nine position where he’s fucking me with that big black cock and licking and sucking my pussy.

Mmmmmmm I think I’m ready to have my white pussy stretched by my big black toy. I raise my legs and sink all twelve inches inside me. Oh it feels so good when suddenly the bell rings. I don’t want to answer it because O want to cum all over my black cock. The bell goes silent and then whoever it is knocking on the door. They just won’t quit so I put my robe on and go downstairs. I look in the peep hole and don’t see anyone. I open the door and there’s Jamil standing there.

He says Hi Carol as he’s kicking his lips. I say Hi how are you. Jamil says great now that I see you. I’m so fucking horny I untie my robe and let it fall to the floor. Jamil comes inside shuts the door and says he can’t wait to fuck me again. He gets naked and his black cock is hanging there between Jamil’s legs. I need to grab and suck his big black cock getting him ready to fuck my white pussy. I love to suck a mans cock so I get down on all fours and suck his magnificent cock.

Jamil starts to fuck my mouth and grabbing my big tits. Jamil pulls his clock out of my mouth and starts to lick and suck my pussy. I turn to him and say what are you doing are you getting me ready for your big black cock. He laughs and slams his cock deep inside me. OMG Jamil fuck me with your huge black cock. He’s slamming it inside me and I cum all over him. Jamil cums deep inside me and I love it. He now picks me up and takes me to my bedroom. Jamil lays me on the bed and sees my big black toy.

Jamil has a big smile on his face and says is this what you were doing before I got here. I laugh and say yes you caught me. Jamil says Carol you’re a freak. I say why because I love cock, especially black ones. We get in a sixty nine position and Jamil starts to lock and fuck me. In sucking his beautiful cock. OMG Jail lock me fuck me. Jamil push all of it inside me. Jamil does just that and says damn Carol that cock is all the way in. I cum all over my toy and Jamil puts it in my mouth and says clean it off.

I do as I’m told and clean that huge cock. Jamil says I want to give that cock to you again. I spread my legs and say fuck me Jamil and he does just that. Jamil asks how do you like this stranger fucking you. Mmmmmmmmm yes stranger fuck me as I cum again. Jamil pulls my black toy out of me and says are you ready for the real thing. I again spread my legs and tell Jamil yes put you big black cock in my beautiful white pussy. Jamil slams me again. I love every inch of his cock.

Jamil says I’m going to cum and I tell him to cum all over my big tits. He doesn’t listen and fills my pussy with his black cum. We lay in my bed for awhile and O see Jamil’s cock getting hard. He grabs his cock and says Carol ride me and I climb up top as I watch his black cock sink all the way inside me. Oh yes fuck me Jamil, give me all of your black cock. Now Jamil is fucking me and he asks did you fuck Wali. I tell him yes. Jamil asks does he fuck you good. Again I answer yes.

Then he asks does he make you cum as much as I do. I tell Jamil no you make me cum the most. Jamil rolls me over and I feel him pushing his cock in my ass. OMG you want to fuck my ass. Jamil says I want to cum in your ass. I love that and I cum so hard. Jamil is fucking my ass when he cums. I cub so hard I almost faint. Jamil laughs and he goes into the bathroom and runs a bath for us. We climb in and he can’t leave my tits alone. Mmmmmmmm I tell him put your cock in my mouth.

I love the taste of my ass and Jamil’s cum. Jamil stayed the weekend and I could barely walk on Monday. Jamil was leaving and he says did you enjoy yourself. I said yes and when are we going to do it again. Jamil says I’ll just knock on your door. Oh yes Jamil I can’t wait.

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