Knitted Willy Warmer

by Anonymous

In high school, when I would drink alcohol, my inhibitions would decrease. The thing I was known to do, was whip out my cock. The flaccid length was 8.5 inches, which is impressive, but several girls during this time were not as impressed as it grew less than an inch. They all expected another three to four inches of growth.

Knowing of my ability to whip out my cock, a girl in my grade invited me over to her house. My mom was out of town, so she asked if I would spend the night there instead of having a party at home. At her house was Julie, in my grade, her friend Candy and Julie’s mother, Leigh Ann.

Julie and Candy told Leigh Ann about the size of my cock. Leigh Ann agreed to buy us beer as long as we stayed at the house. The four of us were drinking beer, sort of. Unbeknownst to me, the three of them appeared to be drinking, but in reality I was the only one getting drunk. Back then I would wait until I couldn’t take it anymore before pissing. This night was no different.

After a lot of beer, I said I was going outside to piss. It was snowing and I was going to write my name in the snow. It was dark, but Julie flipped on the light. I was standing in their driveway with a light on me in the snow. I took out my cock and began pissing. After spelling my name, I was spraying piss all over. I later found out that Leigh Ann said it looked like a fire hose.

Leigh Ann loved to knit. She made me a knitted blanket that I kept on my bed and used to fall asleep in. It was the best and so comfy. She had made us a number of other knitted throws and other items. After seeing my cock, she knitted me a Willy warmer.

As I was over there one night she had me open it with Julie watching. I opened it and couldn’t figure out what it was. When I held it up, it looked like a condom that was knitted. When Leigh Ann told me what it was, I got embarrassed.

I did try it on a few times in the privacy of my own bedroom. I told Julie that I wore it a few times. She told her mom, so when I turned eighteen, Leigh Ann had a gift for me. I opened it and it was a small knitted pouch. Not able to figure it out, she told me it was to cover my balls. She was afraid they might get cold.

After that gift, she began knitting me more and more items for my cock. She knitted one that covered my cock and balls as a one piece item. She knitted a couple of varying lengths that allowed the head of my cock out and covered just the shaft. She even knitted one that only covered the head of my cock.

I kept all of them in a drawer in my bedroom. By this time I was headed off to college. Mom was helping me pack things when she found all of the knitted items for my cock. Instantly she knew that Leigh Ann made them and even more shocking, she knew what they were for. She was a little agitated at first, but soon was holding them up asking which ones I wanted to take. She thought it was hilarious.

The school I attended didn’t allow freshmen to have cars. So when Christmas break began, mom had to come up and pick me up. It was cold out as I carried several things to her car. When I got in the car freezing, mom jokingly threw me the knitted willy warmer that covered my cock and balls as one. I laughed and put it under my leg. We stopped a few hours into the drive to get something to eat. When I used the bathroom, I went to a stall and put on the knitted willy warmer. I returned to the table not saying a word.

We kept driving and had to stop for gas. I got out and pumped the gas. It was cold and I didn’t have on a jacket. When I got back in the car, mom said, “you are going to freeze to death out there.” All I could do was smile and said, “no I won’t” then I gave her a big grin.

She looked at me then at my crotch. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. She looked down and chuckled a little. I left it out as she glanced over a few times. Only able to see my cock, she asked if it fit everywhere else.

I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, lifted my shirt and moved up as much as possible while twisting so she could get a good look. That is when she reached over and felt around my cock and balls checking to see how it fit.

When I sat back down, I left my pants all the way down and my shirt up. At first she asked if I was going to cover up. But, soon my cock started to get erect. She kept looking down watching it grow. Finally, she reached down and felt how hard I was. That led to her jacking me off and she didn’t stop until I soaked my willy warmer with cum.

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