Kisha and Ashen - Mother and Son

by Bimi (NJ)

“Mmm … this feels so good as a black mother to be doing this with my son,” Kisha murmured contentedly.

“Black families are just close,” Ashen said, prideful of this fact as he and his mom lay naked together on the bed that morning. Although as he said this, he realized that his mom and dad were divorced.

Yet, that did not stop the feelings of love and closeness by any means. In fact, for him and his mom, this just presented an opportunity for the two of them to be close and loving in ways which they otherwise would have never been.

They kissed, letting their lips come gently and fully together with an inviting intimacy that was so special for a mother and son to be able to share and experience. As his mother had expressed, there was also a pleasing and fulfilling cultural side to be this way together as a black mom and son. It was like an affirmation of who they were.

Ashen moved his hand up to hold and fondle the fullness of her bare breasts, feeling the thick nipples respond and push out. He kissed each and then took them into his mouth to suck on one at a time, doing so slowly and wetly.

“That feels so good,” she told him. Her nipples were very sensitive and she delighted in the mammary stimulation which her son enjoyed providing her with. While he did this, she felt his hand slip down, going between her legs, his fingers going through her wiry bush of dark pubic hair to find her rising clitoris.

“Ohhhh … oh, yes …” she moaned softly as fingers went over the smooth bare protrusion of her sex.

She felt his now stiffly erect penis, large and thick, against her thigh. His ebony length was so appealing male.

Their lips moved wetly together, and she extended her tongue to meet his, and they licked over one another and moved easily back and forth between each other’s mouth, doing so in a lingering fashion that was so intimate in a wet exchange of saliva.

“Ohhh … Ohhhhhh …” Kisha moaned some more as her son’s fingers rubbed the womanly apex of her clitoris. “Ohhhh … Ohhhh ... Ashen …”

Ashen smiled, enjoying being able to stimulate his mother sexually like this, and seeing her respond wantonly. It was so wonderful and special to see his mom nakedly being a woman, and him being nakedly male with her without embarrassment.

He pulled his hand away and got on top of her, with her legs spreading apart to welcome him. Taking a hold of his sizeable endowment he guided the broad mushrooming head forward, allowing his penis to push fully into his mom’s vagina. The same one which had delivered him to the world, with his now having his reproductive organ in hers bringing the act full circle.

“Uhhhhh …” Kisha moaned as her son’s maleness purposefully entered her. Her black vagina welcoming her son’s black penis was wonderful.

Ashen slowly began to move his penis in and out of her womanly depths, which were soft and now very wet in preparation to be sexually loved. These were the only sounds of their breathing as they moved together in their physical joining for a long moment.

Then passionately Kisha said, “Oh, Ashen … it feels so good to be fucked by you.”

“It’s always good to fuck you, mom,” Ashen told her lovingly as he continued to give her his hard penis.

Kisha’s breathing was beginning to come faster as she felt her son’s erection exciting her more and more. She had her arms around his back and was holding her legs well apart to receive him, as his penis moved through her vaginal lips and plunged again and again into her female depths.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … “ she panted. And then suddenly, “UHHHHHHHH!!!”

Her clitoris and vagina delivered an intense orgasm as her son fucked her to that point.

She moaned and struggled being unashamedly sexual beneath him. Ashen loved making his mother climax and being able to use his maleness to accomplish this.

In just a moment more Ashen felt his penis fulfilling its reproductive function, delivering his sperm deep inside his mom’s vagina in a pulsing wet release.

“Uh!” he groaned as his life-giving semen went into his mom. With her having had her tubes tied, he would not impregnate her of course. Even though the urge to do so remained and they both thought of how wonderful it would be to make a baby together.

Yet, just using their reproductive abilities together as a sign of love was enough, as his white semen flooded unhindered into her. “Oh, yeah, mom … oh, yeah …”

They both could only sigh with a satisfied relief and pleasure.

That morning, like so many mornings now, had once more brought them closer together, not only just as a mother and son, but ethnically as a black mother and son which they felt justifiably proud of.

Ashen knew that he certainly was not the only black boy to make love to his own mother, but as he laid there with his now satisfied penis still in her vagina, he was certainly glad that he was one of them and so was his mom.

As she is not only a mom, but a black mom who enjoys having a sexual relationship with her own son, I wanted to do a positive story to not only begin a dialogue, but that might encourage others in their feelings of love regardless of color.

I hope that you have liked it and enjoyed it as much as I did in writing it. I will add that here in New Jersey where the laws have now been sensibly changed, we are glad to enjoy our rights.

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