Kidnapped And Raped

by Anonymous

I was walking home from school when a big black minivan came and pulled up beside me. I started to walk faster when i heard the door open and a person came out. I threw a glance over my shoulder and saw the biggest man in my life.

He had dark skin with muscles bulging out everywhere. He saw me look at him and quickly approached me. Only then did i see the white rag in his hands. I started to run, but he was too fast and instantly caught me in his huge arms.

He pressed the rag against my mouth and nose as I tried to scream. I felt the hard bulge in his pants grow a bit as I started to loose consciousness. I felt him easily pick me up and carry me to van. I then passed out.

I woke up completely naked, strapped to a bed by black Velcro restraints. I tried to scream once more, but I could not because the was a gag in my mouth. At this point I started to cry. Then the door opened and the man came in. In his hands were a tri-pod and a camera.

I began to cry more as i realized he was also naked. He set the camera up and began to speak. "Today is March 9 2008, and here i have a white, young girl whom i assume is a virgin. Today that will change." He said with a smile.

The man was right, i was a virgin and i was terrified. The man came over and startled me. He started to play with my nipples and my boobs. He sucked my nipples and he squeezed my small tits and started to work his way down.

As he got to my vagina, he bent down and licked my clit, bring fiery pleasure. I started to get wet against my own will and began to moan. He then reached down and felt around my pussy. He felt the barrier and started to finger me. He thrusted deep with his fingers as i cried out in pain and pleasure.

He then abruptly stopped and removed my gag, instantly replacing it with his hand. He got off me and stood beside me. He told me if i scream, he would hurt me. He then showed me his cock. It was about 11 inches long and 4 inches thick.

He opened my mouth and thrust his dick in. He told me to suck and i did. He grabbed me by the hair and made me go back and forth violently. After about 2 minutes he stopped and got back on top of me. Without warning he thrust his full dick into me. I felt a explosion of pain and cried out. He slapped me and told me to shut up.

He put his hands on my wrists and went deeper and deeper. He kept kissing me and going as fast as he could. Each thrust was deeper and faster then the last. I was crying at this point begging for him to stop. He just kissed me again and again. He then came in me. I could feel his hot seed gush in me and run down my legs.

He pulled out and undid my restraints. He quickly flipped me over and started to fuck me in the ass as hard as he could. I screamed and moaned. He bent me over on all fours and grabbed a dildo that was sitting on the table next to us.

He continued to fuck my ass and took the dildo and plunged it deep into my vagina. I heard the door open again and the man stopped and pulled out. He flipped me over again and redid the restraints. I was able to see who was at the door and saw the police officer. I was crying with joy because i thought i was saved. Then the officer started to undo his pants.

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